Dioxin In The News

An article I wrote for one of my local county forums by request.

“Dioxin In The News”,


The chemical contaminant “dioxin” has made its way into the mass media recently with the attempted poisoning of Ukrainian presidential candidate Viktor Yushchenko.


The doctors of our nation have gone on the national news media shows, discussing liver damages and the many systemic disorders this toxin can cause in the human body, short-term as well as long-term. 


While Yushchenko, may not live long enough to see the long-term damages as we did as 18-25 year old toxin exposure victims.  Nor will he feel the sting of miscarriages, stillbirths, and deformed and/or mentally handicapped children.


These doctors talk of the many damages that result from this dioxin contamination of heart, lung, and kidney damage.  In addition to destroying or modifying the immune system.


Yet,  they will not support the Veterans of this nation; only this one foreigner.


Ironically, the Vietnam Veterans of this nation and our brother allies have been saying this for four decades now.  While our respective governments continually deny such medical associations using fraudulent chemical company studies, U.S government controlled and corrupted dioxin studies, and totally disregarding the findings of our own independent prestigious research centers, research scientists, and EPA toxicologists.


Not only was dioxin contained in the herbicide Agent Orange involved in our toxin legacy but also toxins in other herbicides such as Agent White and Agent Blue which now equals an arsenal of toxins of mass destruction with amplifying effects.  These toxins were used as offensive and defensive weapons in our toxin war even though over 2,000 scientists of this nation told President Johnson to stop this madness.  Our government did not and Vietnam Veterans have been paying the price in death, disablement, and lost and/or damaged children ever since.  Veterans are going uncompensated in death and disablement by the direct fraudulent actions by our own government. 


One scientists associated with these government studies actually admitted in 2000 before a congressional oversight committee that for 20 years these studies have never told the truth regarding; birth defects, some cancers, heart disease, vascular disease, neurological ailments, endocrine disturbances, and hematological difficulties.  I would point out that the study this scientist was talking about was a study done on those Veterans that were primarily exposed by skin contact.  Not those Veterans in the bush or on the remote firebases that drank contaminated water, bathed, and cooked in contaminated water for over a year.  When it comes to toxins, methods of ingestion do make a difference as to the medical outcomes.


While our president’s and our congress’s continual rhetoric is; they support Veterans.  Past history in the Radiation Veterans, LSD Veterans, Project 112 Veterans, SHAD testing Veterans, our own Vietnam toxin legacy, and more recent the Gulf War Veterans whose studies also seemed to be less that truthful, show the direct opposite of that rhetoric.


Instead, they use the ”old VA” or what is now the “Department of Veterans Affairs” as the long arm of government denials and mandated Veterans’ budget constraints; no matter how egregious the government action done to our own Veterans.  Some of these VA actions border on the criminal while Veterans are powerless to stop it.  


Our politicians learned long ago that supporting “yesterdays expendable government assets – the Veteran” is not much return on investment when they count on at least a 60/40 split at the voting booth.


Constitutional justice that is even afforded to the convicted criminal, the prisoner of war, or the illegal is now denied the Veteran.  This travesty of justice continues to this day in many issues and not just our continually denied dioxin legacy issues.


Our politicians and presidents have learned that by “creating the veteran”, they then indeed did and do “put aside the citizen” and any rights that the most “noble of all citizens” has to any truth, fairness, and constitutional justice in our nation.   


Charles Kelley

2nd Battalion 94th Artillery USA


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