Trip report to DC


The trip to DC as far as my claim against the Atlanta VA for diabetes and NEUROPATHY was a total bust.


I had a 2:30 appointment set up with Congressman Linder on the 8th of June and as I predicted before I left; he was not available.  Imagine that!!!!


Therefore, four days of driving for me and about $800.00 dollars in expenses and the result is…  more stalling!


They did give me a young lady to talk to and present my case that is a “systems administrator.”  Very nice young lady who is apparently a new graduate of the University of Georgia but hardly a congressman.  She did as good a job as could be expected but frankly had no experience with the VA issues and made statements that would make you cringe regarding the VA that someone that worked with VA told her.  Just ridiculous stuff.  Within 40 minutes, they were running us out of the office as they had “other things to do.”  Therefore, that shows how much concern there is. 


My fault I guess for living in the state of Georgia and more so for living in Gwinnett County, Georgia.  As many have already gotten their approvals and have suggested, that I move to another state.


My two senators are certainly not interested in hearing any of this, as they did not send a representative over either.


I did leave my write up and evidence for them to distribute to the Georgia senators and to democratic congressman Chris Shays. 


For all you Veterans that are republican I can assure you when it comes to Veterans issues Shays and Sanders are on your side, as well as Evans.  They are too few to make waves.  Yes, I have voted republican since I was able to vote.  


At this point if I had someone to address the Veterans issues and particularly this seemingly omnipotent VA and wore a 666 stamped on their forehead from the green polka dot party with red stripes; he or she would get my vote.


Whether that distribution will get done or not who knows.  I for one certainly have no confidence level at this point.  Unfortunately, for me, I guess; Congressman Linder runs unopposed.  So there is not much I can do at this time, except wait for a VA decision on associated disorders, when they have no time requirements to report or even decide anything.  I have done all I can do or possibly think to do as an individual citizen who happen to wear a military uniform at one time.


With this fatigue issue and feet wasting, it was an exhausting experience and I will never go back unless I can speak before the Veterans Affairs Committee, which is not going to happen.  They certainly do not want to hear the issues of VA fraud, and cover-up because of a 40 year White House after White House philosophy that they, the VAC, obviously support.


That was the not so good news at least for me and my claims against the Atlanta VA.


The better news:


While the March was ill planned as far as timing goes there were some that showed up.  I met with a bunch of Veterans from the Chicago area that were there.  If you have been following the updates then you know the management of the VA there has screwed this area of the nation for many decades now.  Of course, the VA IG put this off on the VA employees.  Senators Durbin and Obama closely looked at the IG report and the excuses the VA Secretary was making.  They concluded it did not make any sense and did not address the issues.  As I said before anyone believing, the VA or the VA IG is a candidate for believing any kind of scam.  In addition, it is getting harder and harder for the VA to keep selling off these lies and excuses.  When a senator does not buy it, then Veterans had better take notice.


Kind of like the play on words of house "ethics" committee or senate "ethics" committee.  I think you have to be accused of murder or molesting little boys to get a written reprimand from this outfit.  The killing or allowing 100’s of thousands of our nations veterans to die because the White House chose not to support the Veterans in these government mistakes does not meet this standard.


At this assembly of Veterans, Congressman Bob Filner democrat from California did speak to us.  I am not sure what district but I think the San Diego area.  He faced a wrath of charges and allegations by the angry Veterans that were there.


One of the main ones was the cutting of Veterans benefits and non-mandated Veteran's budgets for the cost of war; while the support for illegal immigrates and illegal immigration by our politicians continues to grow and grow and our government will do nothing.


Reference the question in the Atlanta Journal Constitution this past Saturday.



In addition, I stirred the pot up some with data on AO, AW, AB.  I am still just totally shocked at the amount of Veterans and widows that do not know about these other herbicides or that fact the VA, directed by the White House, has slanted everything towards dioxin linear responses alone and no compensations are given for Service in Vietnam even if a 150,000 percent increase is discovered.  This is because of this VA/White House imposed requirement.  Reference the birth defects given for women for “service in Vietnam” not associated with any toxic chemical but rather “Service in Vietnam only.”  Kind of slick the way they did that to minimize expenditures don’t you think?


His conclusions and statements of fact were:


1.  Veterans are going to get nowhere unless they unite.  Congress does not care unless the votes are there.


Of course, I think we already knew that or at least most of us that the government caring about Veterans is a total façade.  We just finally heard it from one of the horse’s mouth.  In addition, with a guaranteed 60/40 split why should they care with what the nation’s politicians have been reduced to?  The congressman or senators efforts are directly proportional to the amount of votes in a segment of society, or lobby money, or both.  There is no right or wrong associated with these facts.  There is no ethics or morality involved here; only votes.


An excellent example of this is in my own case - I also was wanting to present my evidence of not "alleged incidents" but actual data of government/VA wrong doing against not only myself but by default all Vietnam Veterans; especially those units that served in I Corps.  I have requested many times to speak to the VAC's.  I had requested many times over the last few years to have a meeting of all Georgia Representatives to present a program on what I had found in testimony of many scientists versus what the VA is saying.  Many of these were government scientists also involved in government studies.  I am so confident in my data I wanted the Secretary of the VA and the leader of the NAS/IOM there also to directly answer questions.  Twice I submitted to meet with John Linder and finally I was given a time and date and the above documents the results of that meeting, that did not happen.


Yet - The leader of a U.S. Muslim lobby group met with Republican Sen. John Warner this week to demand a full Senate investigation into "alleged incidents" of Quran desecration.


I think that pretty much says it all.  A group bent on destroying the US is given this preferential treatment by senators who are more interested in votes than the killing or allowing to die of those that defend and have defended this nation.  This voting group can, as the article suggests, DEMAND an investigation.  While we on the other hand "do not close ranks" and do the exact same thing and quit begging; but DEMAND.


Pales in comparison - the alleged desecration of a book versus the criminal activities by our own government withholding information that may have saved 100's of thousands of Veterans lives and care for their disabled offspring.


If the people staying in the motels around the nation start destroying the Mormon bibles that are in each night stand do they also demand an investigation.  Far as I am concerned they are lucky to have any book in their cell.  These are enemy combatants not citizens of the United States. Yet, they are treated better than those who defend this nation.  They can "demand as a voting group" and "we can only beg."


The other issue is - is it nice that our national media will publish this in the front page news and not once have they even questioned all these VA and government lies in our toxic chemical issues, BCW guinea pig testing; as well as our Gulf War dead and dying. 


2.  The National Veterans organizations are letting veterans down.  They are not pushing hard enough for many issues.


I would conclude this is also not just for budgets for the VA but the nations cover ups on our toxic chemical legacy and also the Gulf War syndrome.  As for my part, I concluded the NVSO’s sold out to the VA in 1987 as planned by the government and the VA, which I pointed out two years ago.


In fact, one of the more outspoken veterans did say, “well they (the VSO's) are afraid of the VA and the fact their benefits will be taken away.”


Congressman Filner’s response was, “those are just idle threats.”  “Just think of the outcry and backlash if the VA cut the NVSO’s benefits or pulled their charters.”


Well, all well and good but again my issue is they seemed to be more interested in beer, bingo, and selling you insurance.  When HR 101-672 was put out by our own congress and none of the NVSO’s cried foul, then that was it for me.  Much less, this totally ridiculous issue of the Gulf War issues and that stress was the cause established by the corrupt DOD/VA and the contracted NAS/IOM.  Christ some of our guys saw more combat in one or two operations much less a 100 hours.  Then participated in 8 or 9 operations the year they were there and never came out of a combat environment or off of a hill were they were subject to attack 24 and 7.  If you did the analysis our guys should all be dead or stark raving maniacs according the VA/DOD/NAS/IOM and our congress that swallows and then sells this government/VA BS.


Also notice in the above incident this Muslim lobby DEMANDED an investigation. 




This activity certainly meets the definition of criminal activity defined by congressman Burton in 2002 when it involves a federal agency and/or federal agencies in collaboration.


The only NVSO that seems not afraid of the VA is the VVA at least that is what my opinion is after looking at what has gone on the last 40 years.  Even the American Legion who spent millions of dollars in research and has their own answers - will not demand.


3.  Congressman Filner did say one thing that I never put together.  If you send in letters as a group on an issue to your congressman or senator, make sure they all say the exact same thing, signed by different individuals.


Why………?  Because this shows organization; and they fear only “organization” which means a voting reprisal in mass. 


One non-vote becomes many non-votes and that is all they fear.  Remember it is not whether it is right or wrong anymore; only votes and dollars count.


Right now, I cannot think of one congressman on the House Veterans Affairs Committee that I would vote for.  Certainly, Mr. Isakson and Mr. Chambliss, Republican senators from Georgia, have lost my vote for personal reasons here in Georgia of not addressing my claim.  I know, pretty selfish on my part; but enough is enough.


Coincidently, I received an e-mail from one of our Khe Sanh Marines stating he had been seeking the help from Republican Senators and Congressman from Florida for over five years and had gotten no where in just getting a date for a BVA hearing.  He did not want them to fight his battle or assist him in the battle; just get him a date for the battle.  I do not think that would be an unreasonable or insurmountable task.


He finally contacted John Kerry about three months ago and they immediately wrote back and said that the Marine would hear from them within 30 days.  22 days later he got his date for the battle after waiting for over five years.


Just passing it on for whatever it is worth.  I know this Marine has suffered long enough and it seemed the good old Florida boys, like my good old Georgia boys, will not help Veterans in making the VA face up to the battle.  They hide behind the power our own congress have given them, like the cowards they really are.  Including those at the VA top who ran for the bunkers when Diane Sawyer wanted to interview them and get some answers.  That little episode showed their true colors.


However,  the reason why they can blow me off because I am only one vote.  Just like the congressman is talking about.  Get 100 voters in one district all saying the same thing and I bet you will get some attention and real quick.  Because 100 organized voters, can easily become 500 voters or more because of friends, relatives, and spouses just within that circle.  That becomes 1,000 voters or more as they also now put the word out at work and such.  That is the only thing these men and women politicians cater to.


Certainly any Veteran or Veteran's widow in Indiana that votes for Congressman Buyer again; deserves what they get, in my opinion.


Although I do have to say, the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee at least in the latest present day issues is standing somewhat tall.  The history of our Toxic Chemical issues as well as Gulf War for the most part they, the senate VAC, are just preaching the same lies the VA puts out.  For supposedly educated men and women how they sleep at night is a real question.  I guess that is why they are politicians.


After Congressman Filner gave his responses and issues, it was decided that as a group we should pay Congressman Buyer a visit.  We did that and he was not available.


However, one stand up gentleman by the name of Jeffery Phillips, Communications Director for the Veterans Affairs Committee did take us into the Veterans Affairs meeting room and listened to what many had to say.  Issues that I was not aware of also were discussed.


There was also an oriental gentleman in the meeting and I am not sure what his function was.  (Nice fellow and listened.)  When I said I thought I recognized him from CSPAN, he said we all look alike.  Ha Ha  He had some knowledge of what I was discussing all be it construed to a point.  Which I will get to.


Mr. Phillips, as I said, listened and took notes.  Whether this was, a disingenuous effort remains to be seen.  My gut feel is it was not and he was serious.  He did sign in on our 2/94th website.  (Inside 495 who knows anymore.) 


When it came my turn, since I did not know at that time my meeting with Linder for my specific issues was a bust, I spoke on some general generic issues.  He then stopped me and said you seem to be too knowledgeable on this subject are you perhaps published.  I said not yet, but in July a book will be out documenting all our toxic chemical stuff, government cover-ups, as well as a chapter on the Gulf War issues the government is covering up.  He actually stayed there for the most part the entire afternoon.  I did go back after the Linder fiasco and give him a copy of my individual issues in that report and evidence that was marked for George Bush.


Buyer could not be doing what he is doing without Bush’s concurrence.  A coup was formed within the GOP just so this could happen.  All with the blessing of or maybe even by direction of Bush in getting rid of Congressman Smith, “a Bush thorn.”  Smith also a republican from New Jersey was kicked off of the chair and the VAC with 23 years of service on that committee.  Now you would have to ask yourself why did Bush and the GOP want this and then look at what is going on; and I think you have your answer.


The over population of the VA is not because of Veterans seeking a free ride but because of government mistakes.  No veteran in his right mind is going to go to the VA unless he is forced to or looking for medical answers he will never find at the VA.  As I told you even the VA hospital counselor told Glenda, and I; I needed to go someplace else for any kind of truthful diagnosis.  The VA doctor on my first AO visit “off the record” told me all the stuff he saw in me was more than likely associated to the toxic chemicals, which my civilian doctor had already concluded and written a letter stating that fact.


By the way, I figured out the disparity in what the Egg Sucking Dog VA secretary is reporting as outstanding claims vs what I reported the VA here in Atlanta told me.


Remember their answer was, it takes as long as it takes.  They have to get nothing done to get a paycheck and the mandated budget control is on their side.  They said they had over 400,000 claims, which the VA had told the senate they were just above 400,000 outstanding claims for the entire nation.


I checked with a veteran from Oregon that in turn checked with his VA and they had over 300,000 claims.  I then asked some of the Chicago Veterans and one spoke up that he had been in a meeting with Senators Durbin and Obama along with the Secretary of the VA.  What the VA is reporting is only claims that are at the BVA status.  That can take years, even a decade to even get to that point!  The Veteran also stated that the Secretary had recanted in the meeting: “he has inherited a mess.”


In other words, all the lies over the last 40 years, protracted by our own congress, are finally catching up with them and I would suggest recruitment is showing that.


Just think without the Internet we would still be kept in the dark by our less than truthful government and especially the VA.


As I was trying to put this down, I was watching CSPAN and the democrats raising cane over the Patriot Act and wrapping themselves in the flag and how the constitution protects all segments of society.  I would suggest to that group of flag wrapping congress folks that the constitution falls just a tad short of protecting those from government corruption and collaboration that actually protect the constitution with life and limb.  Just a tad bit of irony there.  Sad but ironic.


I was thinking also, I bet the VA is sorry, or they will be, they did not give me my $275.00 a month, especially since I went to the trouble to see if I was deserving before even submitting.  This is called integrity, of which the VA has very little.  However, as I said I would not be treated this way by a VA office that has no (zero) integrity and in fact stole over 11 million dollars before they were finally caught along with a congressional liaison representative.  Yes, I bet you never heard of that one around the nation.


Just a couple of additional comments in passing on what I saw and heard.


The Asian gentlemen at the back when I was talking to him and I had suggested that no government study had studied the “boots on the ground” suggested that the Ranch Hand study had.  I said where.  He indicated they had included some guys that were spraying on the ground.


Now you and I know when someone says, “Boots on the ground,” what that means.  It was obvious this nice gentleman did not understand my point.  Again, the only study done is the Korean study that did “boots on the ground,” regardless of what MOS.  


Again, without “boots on the ground” then by default you limit the types of exposures.


He did not respond to the comment that they had only studied DIOXIN by White House mandate.


He made the comment that the “up there at the VA” did not like him so I am assuming he was a congressman or senator watching what was going on.


Now maybe this is a parsing of words but I would not think if I was a congressman or senator I would have said the VA up there unless it was geographical.  No, the VA is controlled by congress and is an administrative federal agency.  The problem has been the VA is making too many biased decisions based on White House philosophy and our congress because of its support of president after president just allows this charade to go on.


Many scientists have concluded that there is no integrity at the VA and the government studies.  They have also concluded that an independent organization that does not count on government funding should be used to ascertain what should be covered in these DOD and government mass mistakes that affects millions of veterans and their families.


For instance, the congress could pass a set of mandated medical issues and symptoms to be compensated for military service.  It is now up to the VA to do that in timely and efficient manner with no bias and no malice.  That is a joke to begin with since they operate under so many claims per year, not to exceed four percent.  Now in that task they have become experts at including it seems, if you speak out your claim will now just get recycled and recycled and recycled some more.


Congress did pass the Dioxin Act of 1984, and the VA just spits in their face and they do nothing.


Congress mandated a benefit of the doubt for the veteran, the VA spits in their face, and they do nothing.  A p-value requirement of 0.05 mandated by the VA in the CFR is no benefit of the doubt in the scientific community.


Of course, the VA says the congress mandated it and the congress says the VA has total control.


The nothing done is of course, intentional.


The Dioxin Act had to be one of most horrific lies ever put out by the congress.


Anyway, I think it was a total lost cause for me but I think I got some generic hits in for all Veterans.  Do any good?  Not as long as we have the people up there at present and Veterans will not address the issues in mass.


Also some useful information from Congressman Filner was obtained, which as I said I had not considered.  Of course, it means nothing to me as I have found out sending in total evidence that the VA is lying, means nothing to my Georgia Republican congressman and senators.


Congressman Filner is correct.  The only thing that counts inside 495; is votes, money, or both.


Unless we do something together, unless they get so desperate because of recruiting, nothing will get done.  Only when it becomes a national security issue will they address the issues because the public will demand an answer.


About 2 months ago, I was watching one of the committee’s, maybe Armed Services Committee, where I think it was Lindsey Gramm out of South Carolina was grilling the chiefs of the Armed Forces on recruitment issues.  One of the issues was that parents are not recommending military enlistment for short term or a career path.


I thought then, just whom do you think is not recommending this option.  Our own children are not recommending this avenue because of the way they saw how our government treated their fathers in disability and death.  It is also the Gulf War fathers who found out, as we did, the government will lie against those that served.


While serving your country is the most noble of all professions by far, to have to fight your own collaborative government for injuries and death that they themselves caused are not why you sign up.


Enter the draft, which I think they are getting ready for anyway by doing away with traditional veterans benefits to make the cost of war cheaper in the out years.


I see now where they are offering $40,000 dollars just to sign up.


Think I would be getting that in cash up front and none of this government promises.  We’ve seen how far that flys.


Ironically, as we got home we got an answer from this bogus Veterans Disability Benefits Commission.  Glenda had wanted to testify and wanted me to testify.  Since we would have been there anyway it would have been good shot.  However, we got the answer back today and possibly could have testified on Thursday.  Therefore, that did not work out either.


You can write in your testimony but the VA is screening it all.  Therefore, what good would that do?  The government fox continually guarding the government henhouse or in this case government coffers.


I did challenge Mr. Phillips to a point on autoimmune diseases. Of course he would not have any idea but I wanted to point out just how corrupt this issue is and has been.  The EPA states the body threshold for autoimmune diseases is 100 time less than that of a cancer.  Then where are all the autoimmune diseases listed on our AO list.  You cannot have cancers without autoimmune diseases.


I have a 2005 Ranch Hand Mortality update sent to me by a Marine Colonel reviewed and posted at


Discusses increased mortality found in heart disease and vascular issues, digestive system diseases, and pancreatic cancer in women Veterans.


Boy, is this thing a waste of taxpayer money for many reasons.



Also I am working on posting the results of the Korean toxicology report on the immune system that they found.  Pretty much concludes what I had submitted to the VA in 2002 regarding the B and T cell issues.  Mine was at higher level and theirs gets into it.  I think at least in my research it was pretty obvious these effects were taking place especially in deranged antibody issues.  Just wish I had a degree in microbiology.


Because the book got too large I had to take out a few chapters and that was one of them.


Hope to have that done by Monday.


After two different complete government studies, they have concluded that the number one medical issue is ...........peripheral nerve disease.  


Now we know that is not true since our very own totally unbiased Secretary of the VA, the VA counselors at the BVA who we know would never lie, our government contracted very truthful NAS/IOM, and our totally supportive congress have all said this cannot be.  They give no reason for the why it cannot be.  Only that it cannot.  Even though the number one issue at the BVA is probably peripheral nerve damages.


I guess those Korean guys are just weenies and have not heard that our truthful VA has said what they have is not peripheral nerve damage - it is all just a figment of their imagination and their doctors incompetence.


Sarcastic, you bet I am with this much pain and then find this kind of evidence and knowing that the entire United States government is lying through their teeth.



Also I will giving you an update on some courageous women who have also taken the bull by the horns and documented about 10,000 pages of Navy, Thailand, and Korean impacts of these toxic chemicals.  They have got it going to congressional committee and I take my hat off to them as I could get no where with my medical data.


The completion of the Ranch Hand herbicide tapes by Columbia University finally exposed the government/DOD lies regarding Laos and Cambodia for our SOG teams that operated over there.  You know, the herbicide tapes that the government and the government capitulated CDC (give us more federal funding) for 40 years said could not be done and was completed in less than three years once it was actually started.


I hope to be providing them with some information also and working behind the scenes.


As one Veteran stationed on Guam told me.  Any ship that got potable water from Guam was getting toxic chemical contaminated water to drink and to cook with.


Hope to have that done by Monday also.



Scheduled for an endo on Tuesday so will be under most of the morning. 


Now there is a perfect example of the VA versus civilian. I had a free endo scheduled at the VA and cancelled.  Why?  Because number one I no longer trust them and because I would like to get the results back in less than the 7 months it takes to find out by accident what the results were.


I would rather pay out of pocket money and at least know what the doctor finds; even if it is nothing!


So much for Congressman Buyer's theory!


Best to all,