On 13 September 1967, D Battery (B Battery 6th Battalion 27th Artillery) 

departed the I Corps Tactical Zone and reverted to the control of

their parent organization.


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D Battery Officers


Hiser, John H.  - Lieutenant 66-67 (XO)

Kronhart, Carter, S. - Lieutenant 67-67

Lee, Terry G. - Lieutenant 67-67

Lincoln,  Charles F. - Lieutenant 66-67 (Wounded at Gio Linh in late May of 67

Pannell, Albert R. - Captain 67-67

Van Der Slice, Gary E. - Captain 66-67 (Original Commanding Officer)

Vinyard, Sherman L. - Lieutenant 66-67


NOTE:  Officers may have served in Headquarters and a Line Battery.  Officers are credited in the Line Battery with their full service to the battalion (where known) even though they may have not been in the Line Battery for the full year.  Other wise it is very difficult to keep track of periods of service.  In addition Officers picked out of the History Files are given credit for their time in the Line Battery they are found.  It may not be known what other battery they may have served in at this time.



D Battery Enlisted



Bailey, Stephan L. Rank 66-68

Baker, Glenn Robert- PFC 67-67 WIA in the Ashau Valley after D Battery left the 2/94th

Baylong, Daniel L. - SP4 66-67

Burleson, Donald R. - First SGT 66-67

Cooley, Edward A. - SP4 66-67

Dekmar, Eugene - SP4 66-67

Dunlin, Harry - SSG 66-67 (Gun Chief)

Easterline, Robert A. - SGT 66-67

Ercoole, Dominic A. - E4 66-67 WIA at Gio Linh in February of 1967

Farmer, ? - SGT 66-67

Haldeman, William H. - PVT 66-67

Hemeyer, Gail R. - E4 66-67

Hill, Alexander Alan - PFC 67-68

Kellam, Walter S. Jr. - 66-67

Kelley, Monroe W. Rank 66-67 WIA at Gio Linh in February of 1967

Knight, William R. - PFC 66-67

LaMar, Gary C. - PFC 66-67

Lowery, Derry D. - SP4 66-67

Martin, Leonard Jr. - PFC 66-67 Killed at Gio Linh on 30 April 1967  ‘REST IN PEACE’

Martin, Mearil G. (Snork)- SP4 67-68

May, Lyle J. - SP4 66-67

McClure, ? - Rank 66-67

Patterson, ? -  MSG 66-67

Popielarcheck, Louis E. - SP4 66-67 Passed Away on Jun 22, 2004‘REST IN PEACE’

Portis, James O. - E4 66-67 WIA at Gio Linh in 1967

Pufko, George T. Sr. rank 1966-67 Fire Direction

Rathbone, Bobby - SP4 66-67

Robinson, David, Rank 66-67

Scales, Jorge - E4 66-67

Stull, Thomas E. - SGT 66-67

Trunbull, Johnny - SGT 66-67

Verdone, Louis P. -  PFC 66-67

Walker, Raymond J. - SP4 66-67

Waters, Gerald W. - SGT 66-67

Watson, David F. - SP4 66-67

Wells, Stephen J. - SP5  67-67

Williams, Lonnie- SP5 66-67

Wilson, Glendell W. - SP4 66-67

Wolford, Jerry E. - SSG 66-67

Woods, John M. - SP4 66-67




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