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Here is a write up the radio show that Congressman Filner so graciously accepted to be on and field many questions.


The archive of that one-hour long broadcast is located at:


This was on Jerrel Cooks radio show at


As I indicated, my name was brought up as contact for the Congressman to bring in for a sit down.  In my case, I would like a three to four hour presentation to the Congressman and/or his staff with a questions and answers period after.


This would include some suggestions as to how to resolve our issues in thought-out defined solutions.  Can we solve all the issues or even present solutions to all the issues at one time?  Of course not but we can get a dialog set up to where we can assist the Congressman and the Congressional Veterans Affairs Committee in fixing the many issues faced by our Veterans dead, dying, and disabled and/or sick; our nations widows of Veterans, and Orphans.


My theory is we as Veterans, War Widows, and War Orphans cannot just complain and give examples of abuses we must at least try and give some rationale solutions to the generic issues faced by all of us, identity the cause of the generic issues, and than make recommendations as to why it should be changed and at what level those changes must be made or in some cases done away with in its entirety for some cases.


Off the subject for a minute – I do not know how many saw our VSO’s in action before the Congressional Veterans Affairs Committee.  I missed most of it myself but I was appalled by some of the answers from the some of the big three.  In one discussion as to whether the VSO’s wanted lawyers the big two, one was missing during the questions and answers, did not want Lawyers involved.  The only main one there that said they saw no issues with having lawyers during the VA what he called adversarial legal system was the VVA. 


Now I think it was the DAV leader (do not quote me as I am not sure as to which VSO it was) said that it would have an impact on the cost of government money as Lawyers may increase the individual unemployability wins.  Now where his guy was coming from I have no idea. 


I would not want this leader representing my group in a snowball fight.  Damn what kind of talk is that for someone who is supposed to be and handsomely paid I might add to be our Representative?  JESUS!


The VVA response indicated as such and brought out the fact that Lawyers involved in the Social Security System and has had no measurable adverse effect.  Moreover, if the Veteran is disabled due to Service Connection he or she should indeed be considered for Service Connection Disability.


I disagree sometimes with the VVA leadership in how we are attacking our many issues but in this case the VVA leadership stood tall; at least in my opinion.


If the VVA leadership has transcripts of that meeting please send them to me for posting.


This was on CSPAN and I would suggest all Veterans and Families look at this as I intend to try and do for the whole airing.  Sometimes they will repeat especially on the weekends or late at night.


He also clearly stated that this Executive Branch VA Legal System/BVA was indeed very adversarial as I now and many of you before me have found out.  Logical data and real scientific evidence has no room in this trumped up system.


Back to the radio show –


If you download the above link it takes a few minutes, so just click on it and do something else until it finishes and then just listen:


Listen to the enthusiasm in the Congressman’s voice –


Listen to the totally different philosophy of what as Veterans we have heard in the past –


Listen to the total commitment of dollars versus earned benefits and disabilities; not entitlements as defined by some at the pentagon and some inside 495 –


To the fact we all of sudden can spend 2.5 billion a week yet for decades we did not have the allocated money to support those that fought the wars –


Listen to what he says about soliciting our support “as Veterans and Veteran families” to help and assist him and the committee’s (the Senate Committee also) to go against the Executive Branch – (to my knowledge no congressman has ever directly in person asked for our or enlisted our help to do what we know is not only the correct thing but the moral thing to do)


Listen to the changes in method of allocation of government funding for the support for those and their families that fight the wars –


Listen to the issues that even he was not aware of what the White House/VA is doing to us-


Also, listen to the performance requirements that must be put on the VA (some of these associated cases do not warrant the 12 to 18 months delay it takes; much less the five year delay nor the BVA remands sitting in local VA shops for another five years while no one in the VA touched them) That is nothing but negligence on the part of the VA.  White House directed or not; it is clear VA/Government negligence.


In my 2/94th guys and our Marines that served with honor and valor in that DMZ toxic chemical environment that passed, they have associated cancers, died within 6 to 8 months, and neither they nor their family ever received one cent while they were fighting the government caused cancer.  It does not take a complex medical decision to get this direct government caused and admitted to cancers covered for our Veterans and their families.  Only three things need to be verified and two are givens.  So how in the world does it take 12 to 18 months for VA to authorize 100% coverage that is mandatory while the Veteran and his/her family tries to survive the government caused cancer? 


In my opinion to be that bad, you have to try to be that bad or maybe directed to be that bad. 


Compare that to Social Security and you are talking financial support within 30 days in most cancer cases.  What is the difference?  The lack of either efficient processes by the VA or directed to take that much time that would take a sophomore in high school about 20 minutes to compare the data required and send it off as approved to dispersement.  No offense to the sophomore in high school by the way.


That one thing needs to be looked at with a magnifying glass and that is the conflict of interest of the White House/VA in their definition of when the Veterans claim dies and that is when the Veteran dies.  That is a direct conflict of White House/VA versus the victim (the Veterans) interests that creates a stalling and denying attitude and philosophy within the VA.  That definition must be looked at as to how it affects VA operating philosophy.


Anyway, I have sent my contact data to the Congressman in the hopes he will contact me and allow me three or four hours with him or his staff.  At least start an operating dialog of identifying the issues, how we can address the issues, and help him and the committees effectively find a solution to this 70-year-old government problem.


I can tell the groups that Glenda and I met the Congressman in DC, and we found him then as he sounded on the radio as enthusiastic two years ago.


I can also tell you that on CSPAN, I have seen this Congressman with logic and passion go after not only the BVA judges but also the VA leadership with gusto!


I know; I am being overly optimistic in this chance but let us hope if you as a group feel I can represent the many issues in at least defining those issues, put forth some results of those issues, then put forth some suggested solutions or at least point the committees in the right March Order; then lets hope I get that chance – I am willing to cart all the data up there - I just have to be given that chance for all of us.


This meeting is doubly important at this time, as we need to make sure we elect a President that will think the same way as this Congressman does on Veterans Issues.  Do we have any in pipeline on either side?  I doubt it!


Last comment. 


The Congressman brought up to us two years ago and again on the radio show.  Studies show that in any one congressional district there are on average 100,000 Veterans. 


This means as I have conveyed in the past – Veterans and their families can elect anyone we choose.  Assuming you have two individuals running which in some districts this seems to be not the case, as the same guy gets elected repeatedly.


This also means we can elect many Veterans that will do the right thing of our own candidates.


Glenda and I are looking into possibly putting some adds in paper and finding a meeting place for all Snellville Veterans and their families.  If that goes then all Gwinnett County Veterans.  This is an attempt to find out what are their issues and what help they need and some possible voting strategy at state, local, and federal positions.


I had sent letters to my Congressman on how the VA and government data was erroneous and based on White House lies and cover-ups.  His response was the government would not do that.  Horse Crap! 


Now we see even the Ranch Hand scientists have come forward and said the study was bogus for 25 damn years based on false exposure assumptions.  I was correct in 2003 and my congressman and "his arrogance and he" were wrong!


Of course, I say “I” in the notation but we all knew it was bogus since 1984 or even before.


Anyway, lets hope for the best and "as usual" expect the worst!


If this even comes close to taking place I also will need your and your families support!