In my presentation and discussion, I have tried to remain focused on my individual toxic chemical issues and my Atlanta VA claim.  At this point, my family and I must come first.


You are my congressman but make no mistake, by default I am speaking for the men of the 3rd, 4th, 9th, 11th, 12th, 13th, and 26th Marine Regiments as well as 4th, 40th, 44th, and 94th Army Artillery Regiments that served along the DMZ. 


This is a generic Veterans issue.  The DOD and the VA have been the main instruments of denial used by the government.  This has become a congressional problem of turning a deaf ear and a blind eye.  Veterans grow weary of this attitude by our own congress.


The congress for political reasons can take the Secretary of Defense to the woodshed on national TV for some prisoner pictures taken of men with hoods over their heads and no clothes on for the world to see.  This looked like, in my opinion, a fraternity party. 


Compared to our toxic chemical legacy this pales in comparison.  Yet, the congress will not take the Secretary of the VA to task and demand answers of not only him but also the NAS/IOM.  As I pointed out previously; the two representatives, one from the VA and one from the NAS/IOM would not answer the direct question of congressmen as to what level of proof is required for service connection and compensations.  Maybe the congress feels like they do not need to know the answer to this question.  I can tell you there are about one and one/half million of us left out of about three million that do want to know the answer to this direct question.    


The VA took the lead in denying all toxic chemical damages from Vietnam for over 20 years while our veterans perished.  They continually deny many disorders that should be associated to this day.  By using corrupt and government controlled studies and using the NAS/IOM as a stalling tool, many of these issues for compensations are covered up.  The most egregious result is our doctors do not know what they have found and how to diagnose and treat us; or at least slow the progressions down. 


The VA is just now looking for those WW2 veterans that were involved in mustard gas and other toxin testing.  This is not only a hypocritical effort it is reprehensible that the government would allow the DOD/VA to stall this long.  Similarly the other guinea pig testing of veterans from my era in Project 112 testing.  Only when enough information leaked out would the government even admit that what the veterans were saying was in fact true.


Congressman Shays from the 2000 Government Oversight Review stated:


At what level do you think Government should consider compensation?  Should we have a no shadow of a doubt?  The reason why I am asking the question is I have concluded, based on our work that we have done on Gulf War Illnesses, based on our review of Agent Orange, that I have to be honest with our veterans.  By the time we will know the scientific data, you are dead.  You will either have died early or you will have died in your old age in pain, but you will not get help from the Federal Government.


 What Congressman Shays did not say is that most of this is planned by our government with the use of the above tactics. 


 I will not even address the Gulf War medical issues where stress in a 100-hour war caused deaths, disabilities, and birth defects to include passing on some of these medical issues to sex partners.  Of course, the lead in this preposterous theory was once again the VA and the VA friendly NAS/IOM.  Even the uneducated in our nation with any common sense can see through this deception.


In our toxic chemical issues, many congressmen have questioned the validity and integrity of the Ranch Hand study, as well as the VA studies.  We know the government corrupted the CDC studies via Jim Baker and his crew. 


The EPA at that time was shelving reports and covering up.  If you compare an EPA report done by Jim Delarago of the EPA in 1979, which was shelved by the EPA.  It almost matches what the “EPA Dioxin Reassessment” put out in 1994, some 15 years later.  Why was it shelved?  All Veterans and their widows know why it was shelved.


One EPA scientist who pointed out the chemical company studies was fraudulently being reported and used in our courts.  When she tried to get something done by the EPA enforcement branch she was summarily put on probation.  She was then told she would be paid to do nothing and not be involved in writing toxic chemical characterizations. 


Dr. Cate Jenkins should be a hero to all Vietnam Veterans and their families.


Finally, even the chemical companies admitted these studies used in court were fraudulent.  What happen?  Nothing - except the government got to keep more money as Veterans died or became disabled.


In reviewing the Ranch Hand transcripts (not the report), here are just a few of the issues I found that were not brought forward.


Dioxin linear dose responses found as well as significant increases found:


·         Cardiovascular issues

·         Vascular issues

·         Lipid metabolism

·         Short-term memory loss - found not only to Dioxin but linear to days of exposures.

·         Polyneuropathy

·         Increase in liver enzymes particularly the GGT enzyme

·         Chronic inflammatory disorder - characterized as chronic inflammatory response to chronic ingestion

·         Chronic daily fatigue

·         Red cell and white cell issues

·         Forms of obstructive airway diseases

·         Small increase in natural killer cells

·         IgA antibody issues

·         Increase in the hormone TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone)

·         Increase in triglycerides

·         Loss of balance

·         Paternal birth defects same as maternal birth defects already covered

·         Mental issues such as:

·  Depression,

·  Somatization

·  Severity of psychological distress 

·  Antisocial behavior

·  Paranoid scores were significantly higher

·  Psychotic delusion were significantly higher


Most of these medical issues were backed up by the Korean Impact study to overwhelming statistics, which I furnished.


Including, the 2nd Korean Impact study on Immunotoxicological Effects that I also furnished concluded the following:


This 2nd study verified that either service in Vietnam and/or dioxin exposure disturbs **immune-homeostasis resulting in dysregulation of B and T Cells.  (B-cells = immune cells produced in the bone marrow. T-cells = immune cells produced in the thymus.) 


This would include those immune system cancers that are already identified on our less than truthful AO associated VA list.  These findings go back to my statements on the “damaged process is the problem” not the end-result determined by a totally biased government federal agency and our executive branch manipulations.


** The immune response relays on two founding pillars: effectiveness and specificity. An integrated interplay of these assures eradication of the pathogen while normal and healthy tissues remain unharmed.  This regulated interplay between effectiveness and specificity, which forms the basis of the immune response is also known as immune homeostasis.  The importance of immune homeostasis for our well-being is illustrated by examples where the balance between effectiveness and specificity is derailed: autoimmunity is characterized by a too low specificity of the immune system for the pathogen resulting in the attack of normal tissues by components of the immune system.  Undermining the effectiveness of the immune system is a commonly used viral strategy by which not only the virus can escape from an effective immune response but also, so-called opportunistic infections or even cancer can develop.  Immune homeostasis is regulated at the cell biological level by activation signals.  These signals lead to a coordinated build-up and breakdown of the immune response.  The latter involves the activation of a cellular program culminating in cell death, termed programmed cell death.  Whether or not a cell becomes activated and gains immune effecter functions or is eliminated through induction of apoptosis depends on the signals a cell receives via specific cellular receptors. 


Cancer development is a series of cell mutations or maturations.  If this process is stopped, as in the B and C cell maturations from toxic chemicals and do not fully develop into a cancer stage.  You may have a disease or syndrome disorder but not a cancer. 


If this “cancer causing process is in action” and you end up with an autoimmune disorder (defined and undefined medical codes), amyloidosis (primary, secondary, or toxic chemical tertiary), or macroglobulinemia (in any form).  Then not say the same process did not cause these medical issues that for whatever the reason in the individual has ceased to maturate is now somehow not associated; is total hypocrisy. 


If we all developed cancer it would be easy to discern but that is not how this toxic chemical works.  Dioxin is not a cell killer but a cell modifier.  Unlike other toxic chemicals that do one thing, dioxin does many things and affects many human systems.


This also tells me that method of ingestion makes a difference as to what will develop.  While the dose rate and/or the threshold rate may also determine what will develop and when it will develop.  The EPA has concluded that an amount equal to a regular aspirin cut into 470,000 pieces can cause long-term damages.


In three of our established issues, the Secretary of the VA has determined by some magical feat of science that all veterans will have achieved the magic dose rate to manifest within one year of leaving Vietnam and that there is some cure for these three disorders.  This magic cure the VA has, is not known by the practicing and board certified doctors in our nation. 


Remember; the EPA has also concluded that the threshold for an autoimmune disorder is 100 times less than that of cancer.  So once again, where are the autoimmune disorders listed that are the result of the same exposures the cancers are associated.  Without immune system disorders these cancer facts, even by our own government, are irrational.


I still would like an answer from the government on how comparing Vietnam Veterans to Vietnam Veterans proves or ascertains anything.  Or the VA in their so-called study that compared Veterans who sprayed toxic chemicals in Vietnam and those Veterans that sprayed toxic chemicals in other parts of the world. 


Nice for the government but hardly presents the delta difference and the data this nation’s veterans have been waiting for since 1967.


In fact, the only proper study done so far is the Korean study in cohort assessments (no selection by MOS), protocol, blindness, and statistical evaluation.


Our government studies add in negative deltas.  Such as where the Veteran lived, where he worked, what cleaning chemicals he had in his home.  Unless you have proof of another study that shows all these other people were affected.  These are totally biased assumptions and of course “negatively added” in to help exonerate the government.


Other issues found in the Ranch Hand transcripts:


·         Scientists discussing the “political ramifications” versus their scientific conclusions.

·         Scientists making accusations, that whole chapters were being rewritten to “deemphasize the medical findings.”

·         Scientists “break out in laughter” as one scientist concludes he does not want to spend time reviewing the drafts until the Air Force makes all its changes first.

·         Study cut off for inclusion was 10 parts per trillion of dioxin yet the government bought homes in Times Beach, MO for less exposure.

·         Study issues found at a 50% or higher, unless they show a linear response to dioxin only, are not reported.


 The other issue I found in both studies is there seems to be no cohesive “systems” investigations at all.  While the Korean study used practicing doctor specialist, the Ranch Hand study seemed to use medical experts that have not worked in the medical field.


In other words, I would love to have the data from the Korean report by number as to who had what.  Then have some practicing doctor specialists from the different areas sit down and see if we can find out where the problems originate and what the system impacts are.  So far, all I have seen is a bunch of discrete issues that tie nothing together.  Again, this is convenient but not proper failure analysis for finding issues for compensation and medical treatment.  You cannot compensate a symptom even though you may have 20 of them if they do not fit some ICD code that is 100 years old that seems to be required by the VA.  In many of our toxic chemical issues this standard ICD code and testing by shear repetition does not exist in our medical community knowledge banks.


This is not only used against the Veterans by the VA but because the doctors of our nation have no reference manual to what these toxic chemicals are causing.  They also are at a loss to specificity and morphology, other than stating many debilitating idiopathic issues  


One example: 


The Ranch Study found an increase in TSH and a short-term memory issue.  Yet, both were debunked by saying that the increase in TSH had no impact to the thyroid because the thyroid hormones T3 and T4 were within established ranges for the normal person.  Maybe not what it was for the affected individual person before the toxic chemical exposure and the impacts. 


However, I find no discussion of the fact that TSH is controlled by pituitary gland, which is influenced by TRH in the hypothalamus, which also is associated with short-term memory.  All these hormones and enzymes are system integrators responding to each other as in multiple feed back loops.  You cannot have one run amok without affecting the others.  Something causes the linear dose response to the increased TSH and short-term memory loss.  What was it, is the question.


It is almost as if none of these studies had an overall systems engineer, so to speak.


I must also put forth the following: 



I believe I can make a good case for the following outcomes of disorders that would be associated to dioxin and/or wartime service in the Republic of Vietnam regardless of which toxic chemical caused it or combinations of toxic chemicals.  



Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, chloracne and other skin disorders, lip cancer, bone cancer, soft tissue sarcoma, birth defects (physical and mental), skin cancer, porphyria cutanea tarda family of disorders and other liver disorders (such as biliary disorders), Hodgkin’s disease, hematopoietic diseases, multiple myeloma, neurological defects (such as neuropathy (any form), and cognitive disorders and deficits), autoimmune diseases and disorders (defined and undefined medical codes), leukemia, lung cancer and forms of obstructive airway diseases, kidney cancer, malignant melanoma, pancreatic cancer, stomach cancer, colon cancer, nasal/pharyngeal/esophageal cancers, prostate cancer, testicular cancer, liver cancer (including cirrhoses), brain cancer, neuropsychological effects, gastrointestinal diseases, amyloidosis (primary, secondary, or toxic chemical tertiary), macroglobulinemia (in any form), forms of osteoporoses and/or bone loss due to vascular necrosis, spondylosis, radiculopathy (including herniation of the nucleolus pulposus), brain atrophy, brain infarction, ischemic heart disease, hypertension, vasculopathy, vascular diseases, valvular heart disease, MS, and Parkinson’s. 


 I realize you are one person in congress but one person can make a difference with the right support.  You have the support of 28 million Veterans, their wives, their widows, and their children.


It is time the Veterans of this nation and their widows got a fair toxic chemical assessment not effected by the philosophy of White House after White House we have had to endure.


As several of the concerned scientists concluded in the oversight review: 


The data is there in these studies.  It is just not being used properly to determine causations and compensations.


Prior to the use of the Agent Orange herbicide or any of the other herbicides, the U.S. Government had never demanded such precise proof down to a dose-rate-per-individual, and the medical issues with which a dose rate would be associated.  Up until then, the U.S. Government had used statistical and “more likely as not” evidence, or “increased risk of incidence” showing a correlation between any and all related in-service medical issues to determine compensation.  This usually gave the benefit of the doubt to the veteran by default.  In other words, they used common sense.


This Congressional Dioxin Act has undergone scrutiny by the courts and concluded:


After reviewing the legislative history of the 1984 Congressional Dioxin Act, "that Congress intended service connection to be granted on the basis of "increased risk of incidence" or a "significant correlation" between dioxin and various diseases. 


Not a 40-year campaign of collusion by the government and its contracted “professionals” to find some “cause and effect” analysis on a toxic chemicals that no one can definitively say what it does, how it does it, or where it does it.  Remember, thus far, they have totally ignored the other known toxic chemical damages from Agents White and Agents Blue.


I would also point out that there is a big difference between a “generic significant correlation” and what the VA is demanding of a “statistical significant correlation” of p= .05.  The secretary of the VA took it upon himself to mandate that requirement.  That means that those disorders that are actually found and showing a 50 percent increase or even larger over the normal or expected quantity are not even considered for compensations.


In some of the studies I have provided to you, many disorders exceed even the VA mandate of p=0.05 by an exponential number to either dioxin, service in Vietnam, or both.  Yet, Veterans in death and disability remain uncompensated and our doctors are not made aware of this once in a lifetime toxic chemical exposures impacts.


This CFR 38 mandate of a p-value of 0.05 is the world’s scientific standard for proving “there is no doubt” and flies in the face of the Congressional Dixon Act and mandate the congress passed. 


It is up to congress to make sure we Veterans are not held to a different standard of evidence in these mass veteran issues, caused by our own government.


I would highly recommend that those congressmen that were involved in the Ranch Hand review and the discussions of the lack of integrity in our toxic chemical issues launch an investigation.  The Secretary of the VA and the head of the NAS/IOM must be involved.  Do not let them “refuse to answer” the questions posed by congressmen as to what the process actually is and most importantly; where is the “benefit of the doubt” applied mandated by the Congressional Dixon Act of 1984.


Millions of Veterans and I would feel comfortable with Senator Daschle being involved in this investigation if he would agree to come back to help the Veterans of this nation.


Senator Daschle has gone on record many times stating that these government studies were not just a an issue of conflict of interpretations of the facts/data but an out right perpetration of “fraudulent conclusions.”


I thank you for time and patience and please excuse the tone as we Veterans and their widows are angry.  You must be made aware of these issues.


Thank you very much for seeing me today and I hope you can assist me in getting my claim resolved at the Atlanta VA. 


I believe I have certainly provided enough evidence of associations to my service along the DMZ in what should have been called the "QL9 toxic chemical corridor."


God Bless our soldiers in combat around the world today.


Thank You and I will answer any questions for you at this time.