Command Chronology



( 26 July 1967 - 16 June 1968)


LTC Robert H. Kamstra Commanding



Revision Date: 11-19-02


Note: Every attempt was made to find the effective date(s).  Where not listed the officers are listed in order of command as found in the research.

Battalion Staff


Battalion Commander

Lieutenant Colonel Robert H. Kamstra


Battalion Executive Officer

 Major Paul F. X. Makin

Major Gerald Reddell



 Captain Roger F. Schulze

Sep 1967, Captain Tom Sharrett

Captain John W. Cooley



 Captain Charles A. Adamson

Sep 1967, Captain Bill Trinidad



Service Battery Commander



Captain Robert D. Chelberg

20 Oct 1967, Major Russel V. Fleming


Assistant S3

Lieutenant Larry R. Rollins

Captain Samuel L. Steele


Battalion Assistant FDO's

Lieutenant Tommy D. Starks

Lieutenant Larry R. Rollins

Lieutenant Robert Blean

Captain Jan Morse

Captain Richard Erickson

Captain Tom Jones


Battalion Motor Officer

Captain Stanley M. Brown

Captain Edmond A. Jablonski


Battalion Commo Officer

Captain James D. Lockhart


Assistant Battalion Commo Officer

 Lieutenant John J. Brennan


Battalion LNO

Captain John J. Neiger III

18 Jan 1968, Captain Mark Swearengen - Khe Sanh 12th Marines

Mar 1968, Lieutenant Douglass E. Meredith - Khe Sanh 12th Marines


Battalion Recon-Survey Officer

Lieutenant James A. Berry


Battalion Surgeon

Captain David A. Layman MD

Captain R.D. Richards MD

Captain Bob McCroskey MD


Battalion Meteorological Officer

CWO Leslie B. Gore


Battalion (AO)

Lieutenant Albert E. Slucher Jr.

 Lieutenant Douglas R. Beard

Captain John W. Cooley


Battalion Sergeant Major

Command Sergeant Major Roland W. Hood

Sergeant Major Laurence E. Balch


I recall a Lieutenant Tim Morgan but not what his assignment was???? 

I think A Battery???



Headquarters Battery Commander

Captain Marion D. Richards

Captain John W. Cooley

Captain Edmond A. Jablonski may have taken over as Captain Cooley went to C Battery to replace WIA C Battery CO.

12 March 1968, Captain John W. Cooley

Captain Andy Blevins


Headquarters Battery First Sergeant

First Sergeant George W. Mitchell



Service Battery Commander

Captain Richard W. Powell

Sep 1967, Captain Corbett

Captain Tom Sharrett


Service Battery - Battalion Ammo Officer

 Lieutenant  Martin S. McKnight

28 Jan 1968, Lieutenant Flex J. Muller


Service Battery - Battalion Personnel Officer

CWO Herbert L. Jones

Sep 1967, CWO William G. Nichols


Service Battery - Battalion Maintenance Officer

CWO Clyde Fleming JR.



Service Battery - Battalion Supply Officer

CWO Asa W. Hursey



Service Battery First Sergeant

Sergeant Major Jack W. Thurston Sr.

First Sergeant ?



A Battery Commander

Captain Michael A. Clay

Captain Richardson

Jun 68, Captain Corbett


A Battery Executive Officer

Lieutenant Richard K. De Burgh


A Battery Assistant XO (FDO)

Lieutenant?  Possible Huskins????


A Battery FOs

 Lieutenant Douglass E. Meredith

Lieutenant Robert Haithcock


A Battery First Sergeant

First Sergeant Cleve E. Spinks

First Sergeant



B Battery Commander

Captain Earl T. Bowen

Captain Roadarmer

March 1968, Captain Mark Swearengen

Sep 1968, Captain Erickson


B Battery Executive Officer

Lieutenant Carey S. Jackson



B Battery Assistant XO (FDO)

Lieutenant Eddy Smith



B Battery FOs




B Battery First Sergeant

 First Sergeant Carl Beene

First Sergeant



C Battery Commander

Captain Chancey K. McCord

23 Sep 1967, Captain William B. Durkin


Captain Bill Trinidad-Dominguez

19 Feb 1968, Captain John W. Cooley

12 March 1968, Captain Bill Trinidad-Dominguez


C Battery Executive Officer

 Lieutenant Andrew Tenis

18 Sep 1967, Lieutenant David E. Sandeen 


19 Feb 1968, Lieutenant Robert Delap

27 April 1968, Lieutenant William Wilson 


C Battery Assistant XO (FDO)

Lieutenant Gregory T. Smith

18 Sep 1967, Lieutenant Harry E. Taylor

13 Oct 1967, Lieutenant Felix J. Muller

28 Jan 1968, Lieutenant Robert A. Delap


1 April 1968, Lieutenant Jeffrey P. Newton

1 April 1968, Lieutenant Stephen Desold

1 April 1968, Lieutenant Kenneth K. Gross

5 May 1968, Lieutenant John K. Bucher

4 June 1968, Lieutenant Ronald Keane


C Battery (FO)

Lieutenant Terry G. Lee

2 Oct 1967, Lieutenant Robert A. Delap

3 Oct 1967, Lieutenant Felix J. Muller 

22 Oct 1967, Lieutenant Robert D. Pautsch 

27 Nov 1967, Lieutenant Jeffrey F.  Newton


1 April 1968, Lieutenant Stephen Desold

1 April 1968, Lieutenant Kenneth K. Gross

5 May 1968, Lieutenant John K. Bucher

4 June 1968, Lieutenant Ronald W. Keane


C Battery First Sergeant

First Sergeant Edward E. Bryan

17 Sep 1967, First Sergeant Jack E. Hobgood




D Battery Commander (B/6/27)

 *1st Lieutenant John Hiser

* Research shows that Lieutenant John Hiser took command of D Battery while he was a 1st Lieutenant.


D Battery Executive Officer (B/6/27)

 Lieutenant Carter S. Kronhart


D Battery Assistant XO (FDO) (B/6/27)

 Lieutenant Terry G. Lee


D Battery (FO) (B/6/27)

*Unit was not authorized FOs

Marines would call in fire missions


D Battery First Sergeant (B/6/27)

First Sergeant Guy Patterson


D Battery Reassigned Back to 6/27 on 13 Sep 1967



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