Ranch Hand review in March of 2000


Congressman Bernard Sanders continued:


“It is beyond my comprehension that with all the resources of the U.S. Government, we have not been able to track down those people who are most exposed and take an objective look at the health problems that they have suffered.”


Congressman, please do not be so naïve or pretend to be anyway.  This answer is simple.  The resources of the government have never been used to help the Vietnam Veterans.  Their White House directed  “March Order” was directed at covering up this National Disaster and not finding any associations to the Veterans medical issue or their offspring issues and stalling as long as possible.  In fact, one of their primary goals was to protect the chemical companies as much as the government could while, more Veterans died off.


The two reasons given in the Reagan/Bush White House memo directing all federal agencies not to find associations to Agent Orange were:


A.     The cost of supporting the Veterans.

B.     The cost that would be incurred by the chemical companies.


You mentioned real data.  They; the White House, the VA, and the biased Secretary of the VA do not want real data.  Lord knows that might show exactly what they have been dispelling in all the studies and modified reports. 


While this trumped up Veterans Board of Appeals was meant to block claim after claim thanks to Senator, lets screw the Veterans one more time, Arlin Specter as a gauntlet.  What it actually did was gather data (non-challengeable) data.  Veterans with doctor pronounced medical conditions and widows with death certificates that name the cause of death for our Vietnam Veteran warriors.  Yet, this data is used for nothing to establish baseline data.  Other than looking to make sure that no more than 4% by numbers are approved a year.  Then the VA and this trumped up court do not believe in doctors or doctor’s statements or justice for the Veteran or the Veterans widow.


Given the fact that you now have the board data that states facts of the appeal such as:



Branch of Service

Medical Conditions

Doctor’s statements of how the doctor arrived at the medical conclusion (even biased VA doctors)

What unit the Veteran served with

The year he served or years he served with the unit(s)


Given that we know:


Some of the government admitted to spray records of where, what of the three toxins (Agent Orange was not the only toxin used), and how much was  sprayed.


We know that III Corps had the widest usage as far as area is concerned

We know that I Corps had the heaviest most concentrated usage

We know that Marine served in I Corps only and a few scattered Army Battalions attached to the Marines in I Corps

We know that in III Corps there were no Marine Units and only Army units in that area

We know what Marine units and what Army Units served in I Corps

We know what Army units served in III Corps

In fact, we know in what Corps area any unit served


What we do not know is: 


How many Ranch Hand operations were unrecorded, which seems to be many.  This was pronounced in the VA classified report in 1989.  However, the government does not want to admit to that.

We do know that helicopter, tank, and truck spraying went unrecorded.

We do know that Agent Orange in old gas containers then used to fuel jeeps and others also contained a toxic fume - an Agent Orange aerosol dispenser was created.  This was identified in 1969 and instructions were sent out on how to clean those drums properly.  Little to late for some Veterans who on slow convoys inhaled a ton of that stuff.  Now if there was a memo put out in 1969 warning of this issue I would ask you how come Veterans were sprayed until 1971 by our own government.


However, given the known issues stated above there is no reason empirical data could not be extracted from that data gathered by the bogus trumped up Veterans Court of Appeals.


Even as a novice historian I can tell you what Marine units were where in what area and time frame in I Corps.  The Ranch Hand owner Mr. Chan (Director, Special Studies and Evaluations, National Security and International Affairs Division, General Accounting Office) was blowing smoke up your butt when he stated the CDC could not track the Veterans.  They were ordered not to by the White House, HR 101-672.


The problem is, as you pointed out, there has been no outreach program.  While in that meeting the VA and the other anti-veteran folks pointed out they put out a magazine or they tell the National Organizations.  I would submit to you most Vietnam Veterans when they got out and were treated so despicable by their own county just want to forget the war and everything associated to it.  Most do not belong to the VA capitulated National Organizations.  As far as going to a VA hospital and an AO exam that was set up as propaganda tool by the VA and getting on some list about 20 years too late.  I would like to ask you.  How in the world can a Veteran do that when he does not even know about it?  When like me, he thought the VA hospitals were for the retired Veterans and not for all Veterans.  It was not until 2002 that I realized that the VA hospitals were not just for retired Veterans or combat wounded Veterans.  It was not until 2002 that I knew anything about Agent Orange. 


In fact when I went back home just last year I ran into three high school buddies.  Two served with the 7th Marines one served with the 25th Infantry Division.  None of them knew they were entitled to go to the VA.


One had some form of lung disease; the other two had Diabetes type II.  One had Diabetes for the last 12 years and was in bad shape.  Yet, neither he nor his doctor knew about Diabetes Type II as AO associated.


So many of our Veterans, as you contend, there has been little or no effort on the part of the VA to contact anyone or let anyone know through the media.  Just happen stance if a Veteran or Veterans widow runs across any information.  Which is what they, the VA and the White House, want in the first place.


A flu epidemic gets two weeks of media coverage.  Yet, for Veterans and mortality diseases there is nothing by the government.  I think we know why that is.  Called - we do not want to support Veterans.


Given the above data there is no reason why a matrix of set of matrixes could not be gleaned out of the corrupt Veterans court of appeals.


Starting with the first year they were in their gauntlet mode.


Record the diseases or medical issues that have been applied for.


Such as Neuropathy, Cancers, other autoimmune type diseases not on our wonderful government tainted Agent Orange Hit Parade.


Marine or Army


What unit(s)


Plot where the member was and with what unit.


Compare that to the known spray records.


For instance if you have Marines that served out at the Rockpile with 3/9.


These Marines have autoimmune diseases, neuropathy, gastrointestinal issues, etc


We know that the Rockpile, as a minimum was sprayed as follows:


Rockpile =             AO = 110,050 gallons   AW = 15,050 gallons    AB = 7,650 gallons


If you have a trend detected in diseases and medical issues then more than likely, it is associated.


Of course the Secretary of the VA, at the behest of the White House, would say it is because the Marines ate at the same Waffle House or they were all related and these diseases were inherited.


While this task sounds impossible, I can assure it is not.  In fact, I would start with Marines only.  They were the most heavily sprayed and exposed.  Once any correlation to any one disease is found then the rest is simple.  Make the totally biased VA Secretary add it to our infamous hit parade.  Then that is one less medial condition to research.


We already have a presumptive government decreed exposure if you set one foot in Vietnam.  At least that is the government propaganda anyway.


The real issue is there would have to be a real outreach program and not this so-called VA outreach.  In other words, yes, there is empirical data but for some diseases, many Veterans already died and their widows would have to be informed.  There are some, as I discussed above, who do not know about AO, AW, and AB.


However, as a start the Marines at the court of appeals should be done first. 


Now many fellows such as myself are historians for an era or even the entire war for the different Corps areas.  In addition, there are plenty of unit records that the government ignores.


Give me 15 guys per Corps Area that I pick and access to the corrupt VA board of appeals data and I will guarantee you the job the CDC said could not be done, can be done.  It certainly will not cost 63 million dollars nor will it cost 140 million dollars like the Ranch Hand report.  This by your own meeting and owners admission is not used for anything other than track 1300 sick guys and then manipulated not to show any trends.  In addition, it certainly will not take four decades.


In fact, give me 15 guys from I Corps that I pick and we can get the data collected and evaluated.


You see Veterans do not care if it was AO, AW, or AB.  Veterans do not care exactly how the cells were modified and corrupted.  Veterans do not care about some magical dose rate - per disease or medical condition - per mass weight of a Veteran and then applies to some scientific body threshold BS.


Humans are not microcircuits and all built alike.


We only know the facts as they are now.  The government has stalled, denied, corrupted test data, corrupted protocols, corrupted their own protocols, put out memos to federal agencies not to find correlation to Agent Orange, much less Agents White and Blue, medical disease and trends were established and then words added by management to totally debunk these trends, and on and on.


There has been no search for the truth only government corruption at the highest levels of our government, including the President of the United States.


I challenge the VA, the President, my Georgia Senators, and Congressman, and the members of your own subcommittee to tell me why this should not or cannot be done.  Since we have 40 years of non-challengeable empirical data collected.  And I am sure a real outreach program will uncover more data that concludes many of these diseases and medical issues are related.


The issue here is: The government nor its honorable leaders for almost 40 years now have not really wanted the truth known.


Charles Kelley

DMZ 67-68




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