2nd Battalion 94th Artillery


 Artillery Battle  Sounds 


These are the sounds of  the Artillery Battle at Gio Linh, RVN on 27 April 1967.   Marine Battery C/1/12 is the counter fire battery you hear.  The small FSB was hit with over 1000 rounds of enemy artillery fire. 


The bravery shown by these men of C/1/12 should go down in history as one of the fiercest and bravest fights put up by Artillerymen of the U.S. Marine Corps.  The amount of counter fire put out by these Marines under the onslaught of what was thought to be two NVA artillery batteries, plus rockets and mortars is just incredible.


Many gun repairs were made on damaged 105 Howitzers while still receiving a torrent of enemy artillery fire.  Some accounts of our D Battery (B/6/27) indicate wood in some cases was used to hold up the end of the tube to continue counter fire.  If a Marine went down another took his place with no hesitation, just doing the job that needed to be done.


Marine C/1/12 was withdrawn from Gio Linh on 28 April 1967.  Marine C1/12 had suffered 25% casualties on the night of 27 April 1967. In total the Battery had suffered approximately 80% causalities during its stay at Gio Linh. After many damaged gun repairs during the attacks the Battery left with one Howitzer still operational.


The narrative you hear is that of Marine Lieutenant Colonel William Rice, 1st Battalion, 12th Marines.


Unfortunately, the sounds are very distorted.  I have found that if you adjust the equalizer some it is somewhat clearer.  About four top five minutes into the tape you will get the idea of the constant counter fire against the NVA gunners.


Former Captain Greg Smith of C Battery 2/94th is trying to improve a reel to reel copy at this time.  It is hoped that the finished product will bring some clearer audio.


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