Disability Claims Backlog Reduced by 44 Percent Since Peaking One Year Ago

April 1, 2014

FACT OR FICTION?   Does anyone really know?


“No Veteran should have to wait to receive earned benefits. Through a combination of transformation initiatives and the hard work of our employees, we are making significant progress toward our goal of eliminating the claims backlog in 2015,” said Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki. “We still have more work to do, and no one is more committed than our Veterans Benefits Administration employees, over half of whom are Veterans themselves.”

…and no one is more committed than our Veterans Benefits Administration employees, Horse Hockey Mr. Secretary…Horse Hockey! They do exactly what VA management tells them to do; criminal or not! Including shredding files, changing evidence, and changing time stamps as already documented since at least 1987. Even the anti-veteran biased media covered these agency nefarious acts.

Congress just heard from a VA scientists whistle blower with some actual integrity on the Gulf War Issues and what should be considered criminal actions. Does Congress really believe that this is the very first time this federal agency has committed such acts? They just might look at the last 70 years in government treatment of its Veterans, whether VA or not, going back to Mustard Gas.

Unless VA can clearly expand on what the reduction numbers actually mean this is still nothing but government propaganda.

Questions to be asked by Congress who will refuse to ask, due to lack of giving a damn, and expose this sham:

  • How many claims were denied in total or partial for more information for Veterans as well as Widow’s Claims and Birth Defect Claims due to dioxin epigenetic issues as well are considered in the reduction numbers?
  • How many of those claims involved were in contention based on Herbicide issues (either associations or geographical locations; shipboard or dioxin equipment usage) or similar and thereby denied based on government/VA/IOM wrong doing? Denied based on documented evidence of government wrong doing, White House interference, scientific fraud, scientific misconduct and DOD lies, etc.  If proven dioxin environment does it matter how it got there since the proven primary source of contamination was and is the United States Government?
  • How many of those claims in the total number of reduction claims were Form 9 signed and the claim then went from VA to the infamous Veterans Board of Appeals. Board of Veterans Appeals numbers going up by 34% as an example does not solve the problem and is in effect only government propaganda since the number of claims still in work would only be a 10% reduction. The set aside government system is the "government system" and that includes the infamous Board of Veterans Appeals. If the Board of Veterans Appeals, the higher legal authority for VA, only approves 5% of the claims and remands the other 29% back to VA then you still only have a 15 % reduction at best. Remanding seems to the worst scenario for Veterans, Widows, damaged off-spring since quality audits clearly pointed out that VA operatives get no credit for working Appeals remands since they have taken credit for them already in their sick process of government fraudulent denials. Audits clearly show remanded claims sit at VA for as long as five years with no one within VA even touching them. Ironically the law states remanded claims to VA must be handled “expeditiously”. Seems the evidence does not quite reflect what the law mandates in our set aside Executive Branch legal system set up by the defendant… The United States Government Executive Branch and its Mafia/Gestapo like federal agencies. In addition, as it is clearly documented, Board of Veterans Appeals will try the exact same case with the only difference the docket number over and over again with different outcomes. Even the same judge will approve one while denying the other when they are the same case and the only question is the association. If the association is proven in a so-called court of law set up by the defendant then how can there be different outcomes except for budget control. No form of law follows this kind of kangaroo court…unless fraudulent.
  • Congress should also ask as to how many claims were denied and with no wiggle room  how many were sent to Board of Veterans appeals by not following the congressional mandate of presumptions or associations to Herbicides and similar issues should be based on “increased risk of incidence” or “statistical association.”
  • Congress should also ask the Secretary how many issues are still being denied as presumptive due to not following this simple mandate and WHY? Such as all SEER site Cancers as found in Ranch Hand (the International Gold Standard) and then never published (actually refused to publish)… this is also against the government funded study laws except when it comes to Veterans apparently.

  • Congress should also ask this Secretary given the above simple association mandate and the additional mandate to the VA Administrator “to resolve any doubt in favor of the Veteran seeking compensation,” given the unknowns in 15 different toxic chemicals used at unprecedented dose rates and the unknowns in similar issues for at least the Vietnam Veteran; a) how is it that the following are still denied as presumptive; b) why those that have been associated have been nothing but a trickle over the last 35 years given the Congressional mandates?
  • All SEER Cancers

  • Autoimmune disorders and immune system dysfunction including those pre-cancerous disorders especially in hematology; to include immune system dysfunctions creating ICD coded Immune and Endocrine System Issues as well as non-ICD coded Immune System Syndrome (1) similar to Gulf War Syndrome for the Vietnam Veterans.

  • (1) These symptoms in multi-symptom health problems or syndrome would include:

    • Daily debilitating chronic fatigue

    • Symptoms from Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) damages resulting from Peripheral Nervous System (PNS) (2) damages such as: slowed heart rate, gastrointestinal problems, dysfunctional air exchange rates upon any exertion and not in concert with the heart rate when the lungs show little if any damages and normal volumes…otherwise known as a non-cancerous lung condition or a form of dioxin created COPD

  • Internal temperature controls dysfunctional due to damages to the endocrine system

  • Progressive joint weakness and pain with no disfigurement

  • Elevated IgA and IgE antibodies

  • Sleep apnea from dioxin related IL-1b and IL-6 dysfunctions

  • Elevated either chronic phase or acute phase hs-CRP

  • Abnormal heart rate or rhythm

  • Blood pressure changes with position and causes dizziness when standing

  • High blood pressure

  • Shortness of breath with activity or exercise

  • Feeling of incomplete bladder emptying or leaking urine

  • Not all Veterans will have all the issues and the severity may be different between Veterans but remember the symptoms are cumulative and are degenerating and will not repair themselves. Thus forcing the Veteran to either change career and/or shorten the number of hours worked as already documented by VA itself.

    (2) Peripheral Neuropathy while on the presumptive list is a joke and has been since Secretary Derwinski. In reality it is a VA lie. Recently this Secretary finally admitted that the massive amount of immune system damage to the peripheral nerves was indeed degenerating and was not as decreed by VA and IOM resolving itself on its own within two years, which was and is ridiculous. It only took 35 years for this awakening to take place. What he did not change was the must manifest within one year of leaving Vietnam.  This matches no known scenario for dioxin damages.

  • Congress should ask this Secretary how is this possible with at least one of the 15 toxic chemicals identified (dioxin) remains in the body and only reduces in half-life from seven to eleven years. How is the above VA stance even biologically plausible or feasible?
    • Atherosclerosis Disease created by Lipid Metabolism Issues in elevated levels of cholesterol and triglyceride in the blood the leading cause of Atherosclerosis and ultimately Ischemic Heart Disease and other issues is already presumptive via Ischemic Heart Disease and after two years of stalling and lack of common human biology sense I think the VA finally added Ischemic Brain Stoke after it was pointed out that you cannot have Ischemic Heart Disease without Atherosclerosis and that process is the most common form creating Brain Stroke. DUH! How does dioxin create only Ischemic Heart Disease and only Ischemic Brain Stroke only when the common dioxin created process is Atherosclerosis Disease which can according to science and medicine be involved in and can affect the entire artery tree, but not limited to mostly larger, high-pressure vessels such as the coronary, renal, femoral, cerebral, and carotid arteries. Another very common scenario in Atherosclerosis is claudication from insufficient blood supply to the legs. Most of these are not presumptive. WHY? This just adds more and more to the backlog of claims in VA denial and to the Board of Veterans Appeals when it is the exact same damaging process. In fact, one cannot even have Atherosclerosis without having lipid metabolism problems which is where the real damaging dioxin created problems begin in creating the damages called Atherosclerosis. This even adds more to the presumptive list but most of it is still denied by VA somehow.

  • Congress should ask this Secretary how you can have Ischemic Heart Disease and Brain Stroke as presumptive with a common causation and not have Brain Atrophy without a stroke that has the same causation. Atrophy leading to all kinds of cognitive deficit issues in my Veterans.

    • Issues within the endocrine system itself especially the thyroid and anti-microsomal antibodies. One NY hospital stumbled on to a statistical significant 300% increase in Vietnam Veterans and Agent Orange within their patient cohort. I guess they did not know that no one in government including our Congress or VA wanted to hear that fact.

    • Congress should ask this Secretary how it is VA can assign presumptive birth defects totaling 18 with additional sub-tier issues for females serving in Vietnam under that by using one single report. That these presumptive issues are not associated to anything other than serving in Vietnam. (Hogwash) Anyone with common sense can see through that vote getting façade. How is it that one of the four primary Ranch Hand scientists can review that report that awarded those birth defects and in testimony concluded that Ranch Hand (the gold standard all paternal exposures) found the exact same pattern and my guys are still denied their off spring damages.

  • No; using the Veteran Service Organizations as a crutch saying the VA tells them and they are supposed to inform Veterans/Widows as in the past excuses is as bogus as the lack of presumptive disorders by VA. It is not their job nor do they represent the vast majority of Veterans by association and especially the widows who could care less about the Veterans Service Organizations. Oh by the way it was not the Veteran Service Organizations that Killed or Disabled the Veteran. It was the United States Government and they should stand tall in this issue not hide in the bushes in shame and ultimately “budget control".

  • In addition, this is not just Herbicide Veterans but all Veterans including such issues as ALS that are not subject to a “Campaign Era” or “Veteran Era” but “All Veterans.” No one knows about it especially the down and out left widow who lost their spouse due to government causations and has benefits in perpetuity; if they only knew about it! This is in fact an additional "Shame of the United States Government”.

  • Since Congress will not mandate it and it is quite obvious that VA is not going to do it on behalf of the bean counters in DC within the Executive Branch…then one would think the media (print and broadcast) who profess they support Veterans and families would at least:

  • Twice a year on Veterans Day and on Memorial Day if the have their ticker tape at the bottom report these issues and to contact their local VA. The print media surly can afford to add a few lines with all the slanted garbage they put out in ream after ream. In addition, they could once a quarter make an announcement on broadcast media on different programs as well the print media once a quarter sparing a few lines in their political agenda machines. Just think they might make a difference in some widows life struggling after the government killed her husband. I highly recommend it as it makes me feel an accomplishment in just letting these widows know about it and then when they get the help they need and the thanks I get it is well worth the time knowing I made just a little difference. You might try it and feel good about yourself instead of government bean counting with no integrity at all.

    • I would ask Congress when or if they are ever going to address the issue of government workers and USO workers and entertainers that were also exposed to the very same toxic chemicals by the United States Government at the very same locations as OPERATION Ranch Hand target areas.

    As I have said many times before none of this will happen primarily because Congress will do nothing in Oversight to stop this abuse by Federal Agency Mafia and its propaganda against this Nations finest Citizens.

    I just want them to know that many of us Veterans and our Widows are not swallowing Shinseki’s propaganda as it seems our leadership and membership in the House and Senate Veterans Affairs Committees do; as well as the most of the entire Congress.

    Veterans Affairs documented history in these issues clearly proves they are not to be trusted. All of sudden they are going to play nice with numbers integrity…??????

    Come on Man!....Get Real!

    The unfettered criminal VA processes and the politically appointed criminal Secretaries are the "National Shame"... not the total number resulting from that "Shame."  Add in the study fraud and scientific misconduct and even documented White House interference at the highest levels and it is in reality the "Shame of this Nation" that continues to this day.

    Congress will do nothing to stop this abuse by  federal agencies and mandate with ramifications as to how these processes will be done in accordance with their own Congressional Mandates that have never been followed.  To include hearing the evidence and then passing a bill, a darn law, that VA cannot circumvent by their nefarious methodology and processes.  Those breaking the law Congress should punish, no shall punish, not reward with monetary bonuses.

    But then of course we would need a new Attorney General since he is not going to prosecute anyone it seems if it is politically damaging. No matter what laws are broken.

    Charles Kelley

    Snellville, Ga