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Birth Defects in Vietnam Veterans and Returning Gulf War Veterans


When I copy all you folks on information I uncover, I also copy Ms Betty Mekdeci at the Birth Defect Registry for Children.  These folks have done a remarkable job in trying to get answers and get the data for scientific conclusions.


Data that our government wants to totally ignore.  In fact, history shows there was a concerted government effort early on to not only deny all Veterans’ diseases and disorders but the birth defects in their offspring as well.


As it stands now our government/VA has given more birth defects to the maternal side serving in Vietnam than the paternal side by a wide margin.  Yet, as I have covered and posted before the scientists that reviewed both comparisons stated the data between paternal and maternal was almost equal and this was a tragedy.  This was based on a biased conclusion that there would have to be some sort of linear response in paternal exposures.


Now since that time the Seveso, Italy dioxin accident has shown that number one there seems to be no linear response in some disorders associated.  Number two was the impact of paternal exposures had on sex of the offspring.


Seveso was unique in that it had a central distribution point of the toxic swill so by default it contained data that reasonably could be interpreted as “a dose response.”  The closer to the point of distribution the more dose rate a person would achieve.  An obvious conclusion since the wind directions and speed were calculated that day. 


To the study scientists they stated this caught them off guard, as the minimal exposures should have been less.  Yet, in some disorders the lesser exposures were more significant than the higher exposures.


The entire birth male/female sex ratio was changed in that area.  This sex ratio remains constant worldwide.  Yet, after the exposures in comparing TCDD in parental couples the male offspring in 9 families was 0 while females being born were 12.


The study for this phenomenon was continued from 1977-1996 and produced results that demonstrated and confirmed that paternal blood concentrations of TCDD emerged as the most important predictor of sex ratio at birth.


The sex outcome of a world standard can be changed by paternal exposures to TCDD yet cannot produce birth defects the same as the maternal side exposures - seems somewhat government contradictory.


Recently we had the New Zealand DNA strand damage report come out.  I believe this was all paternal, if not would one of you New Zealand fellows tell me.  This confirmed a worse DNA damage condition than those Veterans exposed to nuclear radiation in that testing by an estimated three x increase.  Yet it seems even that cannot translate into the many disorders that empirical data demonstrates increases with paternal exposures.


The organization is asking are our Veterans passing on immune system issues.  I think the answer has to be yes.


In reviewing the odds of a parent having some sort of autoimmune disorder and the likelihood of passing it on the data I found was about a 50% probability.  Now if both sides have the same issue the odds do not seemed to go up that much and as I recall from memory about 57% chance.


Now if we have these immune/endocrine systemic damages such as a pro-inflammatory condition ICD coded or not then we have about a 50% chance of passing it on.  I do think our bodies care if science has classified the disorder or if it is subclinical!  As I pointed out with the TSH increase.  In civilians, it is subclinical but it can have various manifestations and degrees of manifestations.  In Vietnam Veterans, the same is true found directly associated to the dioxin, TCDD but somehow, the same manifestation as to death and disability do not apply.  Amazing how paid science can determine that outcome!


Here is e-mail from that organization and links that you can review and register.  Do not forget the slide show of issues found.  It will break your heart.


I did notice the issues of behavioral and ADD.  If you think back, this disorder was not even widely known until around 1979 when our kids started school in mass.


I also believe that many numbers of our dead and disabled children were not reported due to the government denials early on and some of the so-called studies that said it proved there were no birth defects.  Like the CDC study were they did a perusal of birth certificates of Veterans in Georgia (Atlanta area only) and then said there were no birth defects.  Those children that had issues after or were found later to have abnormal whatever were never included.  I am especially concerned that heart defects were not reported.  Nice touch by our government.


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Birth Defect Research for Children



July 17, 2007


Dear Kelley,


Our organization has been collecting data on birth defects and disabilities in the children of Vietnam veterans since 1990.  We developed the original registry in conjunction with the New Jersey Agent Orange Commission.  We have presented registry findings to the National Academy of Sciences, the VA, the EPA, the NIEHS and to congressional committees as well as the media.  I have attached our fact sheet.


Recently we have started a separate web site Agent Orange & Birth Defects where veterans can read abstracts of the latest research and news briefs.  The veterans can also post their comments.




Betty Mekdeci

Executive Director

Birth Defect Research for Children


800 Celebration Ave.,Suite 225

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I cannot thank these folks enough for their efforts on our behalf.