Legion Fights Attempt to Tap Social Security Benefits



The American Legion has also come out strongly against Social Security offset study


The American Legion has authorized its national commander to take all "appropriate actions, with other organizations or singly, up to and including authorizing litigation," to ensure that the Veterans Disability Benefits Commission does not attempt to erode veterans disability benefits by offsetting them with the Social Security disability system.  The Veterans Disability Benefits Commission is considering whether Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) should or should not be included in its analysis of benefits provided under current federal laws to compensate veterans and their survivors for disability or death attributable to military service.




Vets’ Commission Chair, General Terry Scott, wants to study if vets should get VA compensation and Social Security disability at the same time with the aim of reducing benefits. The Veterans’ Disability Benefits Commission (VDBC), established by Public Law 108-136 and signed by President Bush in November 2003, will study “whether a veteran’s disability or death should be compensated” and at what level if any.


General Scott is aiming to get enough votes from VDBC members to push ahead with his idea to study a Social Security offset (reduction) for veterans’ disability compensation.



Let your voice be heard as well as your spouse and children's voice.


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The DAV has already come out against this study:




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