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This page is dedicated for Agent Orange information in memory of those VETERANS; OF ALL NATIONS who were wounded in combat by a chemical bullet with a delayed fuze and continued to fight a battle even after leaving the combat area, those that were lost in that battle, and those still fighting that battle- one day and one battle at a time.  Including fighting our own government.





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Agent orange discussion (Documents 40 years of government (White House) directed cover-ups on Agents Orange, White, and Blue.)



Agent Orange Medical issues (Discusses some of the issues I have found in my guys as well as Marines that served in I Corp.) (Not complete yet but some info may be helpful.)




VA and Congress Challenge on Agent Orange  Data




VA CLASSIFIED DOCUMENT NEVER RELEASED TO THE PUBLIC OR TO VETERANS.  Documents White House Corruption in the assessment of Agent Orange, established 28 diseases and medical issues associated  with Agent Orange and Service Connected (we now have 7), study was done by our most prestigious research scientists and yet it was classified and stamped not for released to public.  I guess all Veterans no why this is.  The White House nor the VA support Veterans.  While I have reformatted my posting to make it easier to read I have changed no information.  The original can be found at http://www.gulfwarvets.com/ao.html  While reviewing this information remember the following:  The White House Bureau of Budget sent out a memo to all federal agencies not to find any associations to Agent Orange because of the following:


1. Cost of supporting the Veterans

2. Cost that would be incurred by the chemical companies


Does  the government really support  Veterans or only chemical companies?  You read and you decide.




Agent orange letter to the president (Asking our congress and our president just where is this benefit of the doubt.)



my review of the 2000 congressional transcripts of the ranch hand review on agent orange (Documents the uselessness of the Ranch Hand study itself, along with congressional statements, and my comments addressing these statements.   Long -  but worth the read.



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ADDITIONAL LINK TO MUCH MORE AO INFORMATION (Has many more links to AO info, Thesis on Agent Orange by Deana Feist, story of AO, many links, etc)




Veterans Medical Information and Links (Agent Orange) (Includes spray records for I Corps and II Corps.  Links to III Corps and IV Corps records.)







Information on second agent orange law suit (Lawyers to contact.)  (Widows should also contact these agencies to see if they qualify.)







 link to peripheral Neuropathy nationwide registry



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