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Info Copy to:

Congressman Bernard Sanders

Congressman Christopher Shays


Subject:  It is has come to my attention in writing a book on the Agent Orange disaster that the following anti-veteran actions have taken place for over four decades now by the White House, the VA, and the Congress.


  1. The VA had taken a public stated opinion when the toxicology issues first arose (late 1960’s) that there was no issue with any of the toxins used; no matter what strength or dose rate as it applied to the Veterans.  Yet, evidence shows there was already scientific data that proved this premature anti-veteran bias wrong.


Was this at the direction of the White House or did the VA become this anti-veteran on their own?


  1. The VACEH (1979-1991) used by the anti-veteran VA was totally biased and scathing reviews of this committee finally pointed out just how corrupt they really were in their already preordained and publicly stated biased conclusions that dioxin or the other chemicals used were not harmful at any levels.  Many of them were former chemical company employees and their prior job was to prove and put their reputations on the line that there were no toxin issues. 


It is tottaly obvious to me and will be for the reader why this anti-veteran group was used in Agent Orange associations for so long by the government in their anti-veteran campaign.  I would like an answer from our “honorable leaders” in Washington as to some possible other explanations.


  1. The White House interfered in the 1984 Ranch Hand Study report changing the draft in several ways to totally eliminate the Air Force scientist’s conclusions that the Ranch Handers themselves were much worse off than the study group.  Including the deletion of birth defects, the Ranch Handers were experiencing.


  1. Air Force management after the 1987 report was released that indicated many associated cancers, degenerative neurological problems, fatigue issues, birth defects.  Then added words that now indicated that the study was useless no matter what scientific data was correlated.  Because they were allowed to add that the “exposure index was not correct”.  When in fact, no one has come up with an exposure index.


The default index is supposed to be if you were in Vietnam, you were exposed.  At least that is what our honorable government and the honorable VA are saying.  This only seems to be an issue when it is a medical issue that is found that they do not want to include.


Since it is now concluded by the real world of toxicology science, not the White House versions or the VA’s version of what real scientific data depicts.  That parts per trillion of dioxin can be a problem.  I would think the conclusion would have to be that if the Ranch Handers were exposed at all; that Air Force management statement was a cover-up to begin with.   


  1. In addition, at that time the White House using the Bureau of Budget put out a memo to all federal agencies not to find any associations to Agent Orange and the medical issues the Veterans were seeing.


  1. In my review, I had found that the CDC studies were tottaly corrupted.  The protocols were unscientific; the whole study was botched and controlled by a few people with vested interests.  I now find that even our ever watchful and Veteran friendly congress found this out some 7 years later.  This corruption of the CDC studies was documented in HR 101-672 and released in 1991. 


  1. At this exact same time, the government was lying and denying any and all connections to Agent Orange and Veterans; the government then purchased 801 homes in Times Beach, Missouri for the exact same issue.  As well as reparations involving the Love Canal, NY issue.


  1. In 1985 the head of the anti-veteran VA environmental and hazards section went out into the scientific community and stated that any scientists that found associations to Agent Orange and any medical issue were nothing more than a Witch Doctor and even gave symposiums on this Witch Doctor phenomenon.  Was this VA or White House mandated that this management team leader now take an adversarial position? 


Given the above, would you not construe that these actions are a government-planned conspiracy against Vietnam Veterans?


I would like an answer from our “honorable leaders” in Washington as to some possible explanations.  Was this also White House directed and would you not consider this just as biased and anti-veteran as the VACEH?


In reviewing the 2000 Ranch Hand Subcommittee Review, the following conflicts are noted and an explanation is requested.


Of particular note, were the questions asked by congressmen Congressman Christopher Shays and Congressman Bernard Sanders.  While they were right on with their accusations, statements, and comments it seems even these stand up congressmen were not willing to call this conspiracy for what it is and has been.  Even though, in their responses you could hear their total disgust.


I found many statements by the Ranch Hand owners in this meeting representing things like the CDC study, and the CDC study on birth defects that were just incorrect and very misleading to the congressman.  I assume the GAO was covering for the White House again, directing these misstatements and in some cases, these did not even border on the truth. 


The CDC was no more a study of birth defects than saying the child looks normal at this point and was conducted only on those children born in Georgia.  If this is not the case then explain the our own National Registry of Birth Defects in this nation show a huge increase in physical and mental issues in children born with Vietnam fathers.  That it was the fathers that passed on many immune system damages (leading to cancers), nerve damages, and mental disabilities.  Not mothers, as the owners of the Ranch Hand study tried to portray and change the subject and direction of the questions in an attempt to limit any discussions on birth defects.  The CDC studies by congress’s own admission as early as 1991 documented Reagan/Bush White House interference in those studies and conclusions ((HR 101-672 “The Agent Orange cover-up: a case of flawed science and political manipulation.”) 33


CDC studies, as I mentioned in item 6 above, are not even mute at this point considering the documented White House interferences, the claim that they could not do the study, and then publicly announced they could find no associations; even though the study had never been done!  I assume this was a White House reward for Veterans fighting the battle the country sent the Veterans to fight.


One of the reasons the CDC used and also used by the Ranch Hand study is they could not trace the Veterans.  Horse Hockey!


I would suggest that this statement is totally wrong.  Whether Mr. Chan of the GAO is aware of what he is stating is fact or not, I would not know.


As the congressman pointed out common sense should have been used here.  The Marines by the documented hospitalization records had more non-combat hospitalizations that correlate with the starting and stopping of major sprayings.  The report also shows that this pointed out that those that stayed in the environment instead of displacing from a relatively non-sprayed area to a spray area and then return were not as exposed as the Marine combat doctrine used, especially along the DMZ.


Regarding Army units that served in that same area attached to the Marines, this should have been an easy task to evaluate.  Myself, I have gathered approximately 90% of the names of my outfit, which is about 3,500 names, by Battery, serving from 1966 to 1972.  I know from the Battalion Operational Reports were our Batteries were displaced, when they displaced, when they returned to the headquarters base camp which was still in the toxin environment, in the middle of Indian Territory, as well as the places they displaced.  Since I know which Battery the individuals where in and when they were in the Battery I can locate each man to a specific area and time he was there.  All of the places they were displacing to were also heavily sprayed.  This is known by even the limited spray records the government has.  Not counting the millions of gallons that are unaccounted for in Ranch Hand missions that went unrecorded; or helicopter, truck, and tank spraying that were also never recorded.


For example, I know that as a very minimum by official government spray records, which are limited by choice, that the Rockpile had the following:


 36, 683 three gallon quantities x 12 pounds of Agent White = 440,000 pounds of 2,4-D would have been used in a 9.6 mile radius around the Rockpile. 


36, 683 three gallon quantities x 13.8 pounds of 2,4,5-T dioxin = 506,000 pounds of 2,4,5-T (TCDD) would have been used in a 9.6 mile radius around the Rockpile.


An additional 60,000 pounds of Agent White, sprayed alone, can be added to the total of 440,000 pounds.


With an additional 7,650 gallons of Agent Blue used on the Rockpile.  (No official government ratio of arsenic acid can be found or admitted to as pounds used per gallons ratio).


I got these reports from the government but Mr. Chan, Ranch Hand owner, acts like this is or was an impossible task.


In other words given the records you could tie down a small Marine Recon team location by the call sign used and the fire missions shot for them down to the grid square and the time of day or night.  Then by knowing who was in the team at the time, such as call sign Viper.  You could then correlate down to an individual, the individual’s location within a grid square, what day of the year it was, and even the time.  That is for small units such as recon teams.  Company size or platoon size displacements or Batteries are even easier than that including knowing which sections or gun platoon were on which hill along the DMZ or what units were in what documented hill fight.


The whole issue is here, that no one for forty years really wanted to know and all the efforts were spent disproving, stalling and denying any and all associations.  


We know the units that were up there, Marine and Army, and the same data could have been accumulated.  If a lowly former enlisted E5 can find these correlations, while the entire United States government has been stymied by this endeavor.  Then I would suggest to the congressmen, the entire United States Government does not want to know.  The government spent their resources and all their efforts proving there were no issues and finding excuses; not what is the real issue or the truth.


Then all of sudden out of the clear blue government conspiratorial view in this meeting, the Ranch Hand Review was not used for anything except to track 1300 sick guys.  Which I think all Veterans thought this was a study of a known quantity of Veterans, with  some conclusion that they were indeed exposed, and was going to be used as some kind of correlation study resulting in a quantitative known medical issues to be associated.


After reviewing the firebases along the DMZ, and the associated spray records, I would submit that Ranch Handers were no way the most exposed.  Not when you consider these men lived in it 24 hours a day 7 days a week in this government created environmental hazard nightmare.


In this meeting, this Ranch Hand Study premise was denounced and therefore the GAO, the Ranch Hand owners, and the White House wanted no congressional oversight or help.  Since it was not used or anything there was no need for timely releases of corrupted data anyway.  Except in the case of money to keep the study alive, for whatever reason, it seems now.  Since it was stated: is not used by the VA to establish Agent Orange associations or VA disability with regard to the many unlisted common diseases and common medical issues the Vietnam Veteran is actually seeing and recognized by the rest of the free world scientists as dioxin associated.


Yet, in the published NAS denials of associations they state that they categorically used the Ranch Hand study as their primary source of recommending associations or non-associations to the VA.  (Something is rotten in Denmark here folks.) 


Since the head of the VA environmental and hazards section was present at this meeting.

I assume she agreed with this new revelation of the uselessness of the study and the fact the VA did not use it for anything.  She absolutely did not counter the fact that the agency that is contracted by the VA to recommend such associations to the VA does publicly state they do use this what seems to be a totally corrupted Ranch Hand Study and at this point never was an Agent Orange study because the “exposure index is wrong”.


When the men associated with this study were asked what other studies are being used or any information found.  Their answer was stammering, hesitate, and included the CDC studies that we know are totally useless.


Again, this is a sign no one really wants to know.  When the head of this 140 million dollar study does not what else is going on then something is wrong.  The fact is, nothing is going on other than blatant corruption.


Since we now know, the CDC study was useless by congress’s own published admission and it seems now by the Ranch Hand owners, with the concurrence of the VA, agree that study is not being used to determine associations or compensations.  For all practical purposes useless anyway, with words added like: “the exposure index is wrong” when they do find a medical association that correlates with every other known study.


I would ask those listed and the congressmen that attended that meeting, just what is being used as real factual data to determine anything?  Is it just the word of what seems to be a tottaly dishonest and corrupt Secretary of the Veterans Affairs alone?  Is this corruption mandated by the President or the GAO?


Is this the reward for the Veterans being damaged by its own government and then lied to about it?


I can tell you what is not being used:


·         All the past-recorded known medical issues resulting from reports from other federal agencies.


·         The chemical companies own reports after it was found out that even in a court of law they tried to cover-up the many associations to the toxins and medical issues, overridden state environmental reports that show associations.


·         The Office of Technology Assessment report on toxins commissioned by congress as some bogus sign they were trying to help the Veterans, then allowed the VA and its secretary to totally ignore the findings.


·         The findings of our finest and most prestigious scientific research centers.


·         The findings of our finest research universities and research hospitals.


·         Report of actual findings of exposure victims to toxins that show exactly what the Veterans are seeing.


·         The findings of our own EPA that indicate immune system damages and birth defects require a threshold 100 times less than a cancer.


·         Submittals to the secretary of the VA by EPA scientists.


·         Submittals to the VA by doctors regarding the established VA time limits on toxin damages that can be caused by long-term chronic damage.


In other words, anything outside the VA and government control does not qualify as medical evidence.  No matter if you have 100 studies to their one study, a 38 CFR law that congress allowed the VA to write overrides any and all medical evidence or medical study.


Also ignored was an independent study commissioned by the VA in 1989 that they did not like the results and promptly classified and put on the report, “not for release or publication to the public”.


This report showed 28 diseases associated as follows:


Non-Hodgkin’ s lymphoma, chloracne and other skin disorders, lip cancer, bone cancer, soft tissue sarcoma, birth defects, skin cancer, lung cancer, porphyria cutanea tarda and other liver disorders, Hodgkin’s disease, hematopoietic diseases, multiple myeloma, neurological defects and auto-immune diseases and disorders, liver cancer, nasal/pharyngeal/esophageal cancers, leukemia, malignant melanoma, kidney cancer, testicular cancer, pancreatic cancer, stomach cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, brain cancer, psychosocial effects, and gastrointestinal disease are service-connected.


You will notice there is no discussion of time limits.


This was based off of totally independent sources (research groups and scientists), past chemical company workers medical issues, chemical company accidents, and even fraudulent chemical company medial studies that were proven fraudulent in their reports about the damages that an occur in actual court cases.  The key word being independent!


Let me add here that these autoimmune disorders caused by the toxins in creating long-term chronic immune system damage can be as simple as chronic sinus infections to an enlarged heart that takes the life of a Veteran.


The very fact that in 1984 there were over 200,000 Veterans awarded compensations in the real honest courts of the land.  While some 6 years later, only 7,500 Veterans were being compensated for AO damages by the VA; should open some eyes.  This is most astonishing since the Veteran is supposed to receive some kind of mythical benefit of the doubt and only requires a greater than 50% evidence.  Which we now know is a congressional joke.


Instead, the eyes remain closed to this injustice by our government.


Questions that should have been asked by our congressman and I might add very few showed up for this subcommittee meeting.  Which given the almost 4 decades of ignoring this issue was not surprising on my part.  Not after I found all of this, what has to be a totally government conspiracy against the Veterans.


·         How many Veterans have applied for Agent Orange compensations and were turned down? 


·         What were the five most commonly used VA rationales for turning down the Veterans claims.  Was the very fact that you can deny claims by the laws the VA established part of the equation and matrix, instead of the evidence presented?


·         How many widows applied for Agent Orange compensations and were turned down?


·         What were the five most commonly used VA rationales for turning down the widow’s claims. Was the very fact that you can deny claims by the laws the VA established part of the equation and matrix, instead of the evidence presented?


·         Can you show in your decisions were the “two times congressionally mandated and one time court mandated” “benefit of the doubt” was incorporated into the VA decision matrix?


·         Is there a standard VA decision matrix used by all VA employees that shows any and all evidence is considered and if so what is it?  If not why not?


·         Is there any weight applied in the decision to the evidence the Veteran and or his doctor submits.  Does the VA then go after the doctor for more and more information alienating the doctor?  Of what real value is a Veterans doctors opinion if the doctor goes against the wishes of the VA secretary and the president.


·         Does this decision matrix establish a 50% rule that considers this an award to the Veterans?


·         Do you only consider those diseases and medical issues that have been established by the VA, and the President of the United States, as associated and all others are denied “as a matter of fact” and then dealt with at an appeal or the VA courts?  *


·         Does the VA deal in cash bonuses and promotions for denial of the Veterans claims.  If so, where is that calculated into your decision matrix?


·         Is any punishment issued for those VA employees, for their own personal gains, deny claims, which after review should have been approved?  If not why not?


·         Is there indeed a total VA approval percentage limited by the VA and our President of the United States?


·         At what percentage of certainty are you awarding claims based on an unknown toxicology issue?


·         The bottom line questions should have been:


a.       Why are our countries real toxicology experts, The EPA, not deciding these issues?


b.      Is there now a double standard for civilian toxicology damages versus Veterans toxicology damages?  That a certain amount of toxin will damage a civilian but the Veterans are immune for some scientific medical reason.  It seems this is the case. 


c.       Does the VA have the opinion that our countries finest toxicology experts do not have enough expertise as the contracted, mostly biased, VA toxicology experts or those that are now contracted by the VA?  


As I have stated many times and I think I have proven in the book, it is obvious we as Veterans, cannot trust our government, including our president(s), to establish any medical issues or diseases of “inclusion” as it relates to Veterans mass issues.  This includes:


·         Nuclear testing


·         LSD testing


·         Agents Orange, White, and Blue


·         Gulf War Syndrome issues


The main reasons none of these questions were asked by our caring congressmen and senators and then demand an answer is: 


a.      They really do not care about the Veterans.


b.      They do not want to know the answers for fear of having to do something, which may include even chastising the President of the United Sates for even allowing this despicable VA behavior to continue.  Party politics.


I would think this would be available under the freedom of information act.  Unfortunately, the VA does not seemed to answer any questions regarding any of these issues and do not seemed to be under this freedom of information act.


Again, I ask the president just where is this 50/50 tie that goes to the Veteran.  I ask the congress just where is this mythical “benefit of the doubt”? 


Yes, I say our government knew this already in the 70’s.  There were too many reports of farmers, chemical company workers, industrial accidents from this country as well as around the world regarding 2, 4, D which was mixed half and half with dioxin.  Our government also knew the chemical companies were trying their best to cover up and modify any results that showed any kind of human damages.  Many of these I cited in Chapter 4 while there are many more examples.  Even when our EPA scientists exposed them, our government chastised and punished the honest EPA scientist and not the lawbreakers.


They certainly were concerned when they purchased all the homes in Times Beach, Missouri while at the same time they were lying to the Veterans about there was no damage.  While the standard that was applied to the government purchases of the homes was parts per billion.  The Veterans received parts per million exposures of three different toxins for over a year.


I would suggest that the government patent those old jungle fatigues we used.  They were obviously environmental hazard suits in disguise.


The bottom line here is that if you are going to treat Veterans this way you should tell these present and future Veterans before hand and not after they sacrifice for this country and what seems to be a tottaly despicable government that treats them as “yesterday’s government assets”.  No matter how egregious the behavior was by the government in damaging the Veterans.


I and millions of Veterans await your answer.


Charles Kelley

DMZ 67-68



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