Agent Orange horror that in the words of the VA " that it is just as likely as not"

will never die

Below is a New Zealand newspaper article sent in by George Claxton who has fought this fight for us - way longer than I have as a member of the VVA.

Many of you may recall one of my major concerns that our government may have created a genotype of humans - similar to those genetic defects that are more often in specific races, creeds and even religions such as some genetic defects in the Jewish Religions, or Eskimos, or Indians or any one of those examples of genotypes that show an increase in certain genetic defects.

This newly created genotype would be the "offspring of the Vietnam Veterans." 

In my archaic way of trouble shooting I found the 13th and 18th chromosome were especially vulnerable in our guys as I looked at the data and what damages we are actually seeing.  On my part it is just an uneducated guess but those two fit the bill of possible outcomes.

I had found some examples of our daughters not being able to have healthy male children and even the female children seemed to have some of the same issues that were given to our female Vietnam Veterans.  Even some of daughters had contacted me wanting to know what in the world was going on with themselves their sisters and their children.  In some families some have confided in me that the doctors had indicated they thought their daughters should be advised to not try and have children.  Maybe the doctors had a hunch what had gone on and has gone on?????

As you know in my posting on the rebuttal to the NAS and their pointing out this new handy dandy government study program called National Toxicology Program had concluded that dioxin does not "directly" damage DNA and I indicted I thought the NAS was misleading in that statement and doing the old "wordsmithing" routine.

If any of this is even half way true then as the article says what do we do about it if anything.

As George said we need for someone with some connections to get us a copy of this undercover report.  By next year the thing will be government reduced to dioxin is good for your children like the breakfast drink tang.

please read the below article.


Agent Orange horror that will never die

23 July 2006



New Zealand's heroic soldiers who served in the Vietnam War were betrayed by the "friendly fire" of Agent Orange poisoning, which has doomed them for generations.

A Sunday News investigation has uncovered medical tests which show defoliant-linked genetic damage to up to 3500 Kiwi vets, is three times worse than that of New Zealand navy sailors exposed to nuclear testing.

The DNA damage is suspected to be so bad it could affect multiple generations with cancer, spina bifida and a host of other genetic diseases.

But the results of the Massey University tests have been kept under wraps since they were taken last October, with scientists at the university saying they cannot release the report until an embargo is lifted.

In that time, dozens of veterans have died without knowing how future generations will be affected by their chemical poisoning during the 1960s conflict.

Agent Orange was used to kill foliage, which provided cover for the Viet Cong - but also destroyed the health of American troops and their allies.

Documents obtained by Sunday Newsshow 24 veterans' and a control group of 23 non-veterans' blood was tested by sister chromotid exchange, used to detect genetic damage caused by an environmental agent.

The study was carried out by Molecular BioScience masters student Louise Edwards under the guidance of top Kiwi scientist Dr Al Rowland.

Analysis of results found horrendous genetic damage.

The vets' exposure to Agent Orange had harmed their DNA three times worse than the effects of nuclear testing on Kiwi sailors who were used as eye-witnesses during Operation Grapple in the late 1950s.

Rowland also oversaw the testing of the Operation Grapple seamen and last September said those tests had found long-term genetic damage caused by exposure to the nuclear tests at Christmas Island and the Malden Islands.

Sunday News has discovered four copies of Edwards' thesis on DNA damage in the Vietnam veterans were distributed throughout Massey University. But a search earlier this week could find no trace of any copies.




Edwards told Sunday News she was unable to comment on her thesis.

"It has been embargoed until early next year," she said.

Rowland also declined to comment, saying he hadn't been instructed to talk to media. Asked why the embargo had been placed on Edwards' report, he said: "I can't possibly comment on that."

Massey University spokesman James Gardiner said the report had been embargoed because the university had a duty to notify tested veterans of the results before releasing them.

The embargo meant they were not included in a report - the Agent Orange Joint Working Group Report - ordered by the government to look at compensation for the Vietnam vets.

Defence minister Phil Goff yesterday told Sunday News the government was aware of the test results but had yet to receive a copy.

"I can't comment on a report that hasn't been formally delivered until we've had a chance to analyse it," Goff said.

"But obviously, we'll look closely at this report to see what it has to say."

When asked if the test results should have been included in the Agent Orange Joint Working Group Report, Goff replied, "I'm not sure how much difference it will make.

"We have accepted that the National Academy of Science in the United States has demonstrated a link between Agent Orange and health problems suffered by veterans.

"That hasn't been accepted in the past but we now do accept that."

Sunday News' revelations have sparked calls from angry opposition MPs for the government to demand the release of the test results.

"How many more hundreds of veterans have to die before the Government finally tells them how much damage to themselves, their children and their grandchildren has been done?" National Party veteran affairs spokeswoman Judith Collins asked Sunday News.

ACT leader Rodney Hide said: "These findings should be made immediately available. This whole issue has been hushed, covered up and destroyed for too long."

New Zealand First defence spokesman Ron Mark said the test results were "a concern".

"Service personnel who were deployed to Vietnam were harmed. They were genetically, irreparably harmed and that has been passed on to their children and will forever be carried by their families," he said.

"The question now is, what are we going to do about it?"


Thanks George keep on keeping on buddy!  We will eventually beat our government on these issues if we can just live long enough!

And the cover-ups not only with the United States Government as well as our allies just keep on going.  Makes you want to go out and reenlist I would bet!


Man I am hot over this - bad enough they have been killing us and allowing us to die slowly off and become disabled with no government help.  We could have not made it home to begin with anyway so there is some solace in that fact - but now this -  THIS is just totally unforgivable of presidents and a congress that have lied to us all along!  Even though most of us guessed as much.


Mess with me and get away with it because I believed in a lying government - shame on me.  Mess with my family and the gloves come off!