Agent Orange toxic chemicals at Chanute Air Force Base


Looking for fellow Veterans that served at Chanute Air Force Base, Illinois during the time frame of *1963 - 1983 that may have developed some of the following diseases or disorders "or similar diseases and disorders."


*Time is based on a known AO issue in 1973 and a limit factor of negative 10 years for government misstated facts and on the positive limit of 10 years for half life degrading.   Does not mean those in the out years of 1983 on up could not have still been effected at some level of damage.


Especially those, but not limited to, Veterans that may have served in B52 maintenance squadrons.


Also any offspring birth defects that are not normal to your heredity line.


1)Hashimoto's Thyroid ( known to be caused by dioxin)
2)Emphesema ( also linked to dioxin )
3)Asthma (linked to dioxin )
4)Chronic Bronchitis ( linked to dioxin )
5)Hyperinsulinism ( linked to dioxin)
6)Left Ventricle Hypertrophy
7)Mitral Valve Prolapse

8)Complete blockage of main artery and 3 others=massive heart attack at 51
10)High Triglyceride levels
11)Acid Reflux
12)Iritable Bowel Syndrome
13)Recuring Kidney Stones and infections
14)Spine is seriously deteriorated and nerve channels calcified and pinching
15)Naturaly fused vertebrae in neck
17)Fibro Myalgia
18)Osteo Arthritis
19)Rheumatoid Arthritis
21)Memory loss
22) Severe recurring headaches


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