Atlanta Disability Commission Report



First thanks to all he submitted data on my wall questions.


It seems there is a plaque in DC that pays tribute to those who have died due to AO associated issues.


The links that seem to explain it were:



For those that have attended these disability commission meetings before; I found nothing new here in Atlanta.


The meeting open up with Marine General Livingston (2/4 67-68) reviewing what they were about and how independent the Commission is and putting all partisan politics aside, etc. 


The Atlanta VA suits were out in force at the meeting yet they did not speak. 


Why they, the VA suits, were there, I will leave it up to you to decide.  My opinion would be to take names and subjects of what Veterans were talking about.  I think most of you know by now the VA can be very vindictive for those Veterans that speak out.


Of course, my presentation was against a much higher level of government collaboration than the Atlanta, VA.  Although I did challenge the commission members that they still were not listening.


One Atlanta Vet presented his buddy just died from Prostate Cancer and he had it three years before the Atlanta VA even told him.


One Atlanta Vet presented his Veteran buddy who had passed away; the Atlanta VA told him there was not enough time to get a flag for his coffin.


Now when the Atlanta VA suits heard this - someone went to their car and got one for the Veteran.  Then made a big deal about it and how they can solve problems in a hurry.


Had I been middle management at the VA I would have interviewed the fellow and found out why this happened - then stood up and said I am sorry this happened and I am going to take steps that at Atlanta VA - this will never ever happen again. 


Then I would go back and chew some ass and change the procedures since it was obvious what ever they were doing is not working - when a dead Veteran cannot get a flag for his coffin something is terribly wrong with the process. 


I would not crow about getting the dead Veteran a flag because I happen to have one in the car and happened to be in attendance.


Nevertheless, as we know that is not the philosophy of the VA.


Many of you in comparing notes have indicated the Atlanta VA is not real good compared to your VA although both need improving.


Lee Ferrell, with a very emotional presentation, addressed the issue of Veterans having to make the best deal they can with the VA for claims such as his, which he was in a battle for over 20 years.


Lee finally after giving up on the DAV working his case - took task in hand, got the regulations, learning as he went, and started filing papers.


To make a long story short he caught the Atlanta VA changing his medical diagnosis to match what they were denying on - not what he had been diagnosed and medically discharged from the Air Force on.


To add insult, Congressmen Bishops office was involved in the negotiations as they told Lee if he withdrew his latest charge with evidence of VA violating the RICO Act, they would give him 100% and then back pay for a small amount of time.  I think it was about one year.  So, he agreed since that is the best deal other than dying with charges still pending he could get.  So he lost about $250,000.00 dollars or more over twenty-two years the government, using the Atlanta VA, screwed him.


He also in a legal consultation was told the VA had broken all kind of laws and wanted to know if Lee wanted to file a lawsuit.  Since the backlog of lawsuits against the VA is about seven years that was not a real option in his condition.


The audience fell silent on this one as they pondered exactly what the government, using the Atlanta VA, had done to him.


The Atlanta VA suits that were there were silent!!!!!!!!!


Glenda did not give her presentation, which was a shame since hers blasted the VA legal system, and would have been very appropriate to the audience’s presentations to a tee.  In addition, because there were some BVA folks there also of which she also took to task on the disparity of rulings and order of precedence.


Glenda had just gotten word her mother had a major heart attack and in CCU so we were waiting word from Ohio on that and she really did not feel like doing any of this but she went with us anyway for moral support.


She did speak to the Commissioners and told them she would e-mail them a copy to their website.


The one thing we can take some semblance of pride in was Commissioner Grady remembered me; and my barnstorming in Maryland.  He actually stated that because of the data I had presented in 2005 he had wanted to get on the presumptive disorder committee that is evaluating what the IOM is actually doing.


His comment was they seemed to be very professional people.  I will not tell you what I indicated but it was not nice.


We had somewhat of a discussion afterwards on this and once again every one, including Commissioner Grady seems to be wrapped around the axle on this dose thing and Vietnam Veterans did not get that much.  I have a about a million quantification and qualifications on that statement - one being - get that much of what and quantify that much!  What in the heck does “that much” mean???????????????????  when several studies Point out there seems to be no dose level BELOW where damages are not being done.  the question has always been “what damage” - not if it will occur.


In fact, the more I have researched this I am not so sure that the dioxin, TCDD in and by itself, is responsible for some of this the VA says it is; but more on that later. 


The studies on TCDD do not match on some things but do match when one takes into account the other dioxin like furans and Hexachlorobenzene and then the created body metabolism Pentachlorophenol in AW. 


I indicated this dose thing was a VA/IOM lie and the 2005 EPA statistics prove that and I had other arguments on this subject also that would have taken some time and he to meet someone for dinner - so we parted company.


I told him I would ship the data to him at the Commission website that proves outside of the Seveso, Italy fiasco Nam Vets were second.  Although I must qualify that at least on the surface it looks that way but in reality, we will never know since the distribution method was totally different between the two disasters and yes, it was a disaster. 


Whether Commissioner Grady will get it, is out of my control since he insisted I go through someone else.


Now I am in a quandary as to where to put my energy left and my time.


I was just to the point of working my own claim again, which takes time just trying to get some DAV answers much less VA answers.


In addition, I completed a couple of things off my list such as the congressional widows challenge on mortality gates and got that mailed in.  No response yet from those in congress and the VA I sent the challenge.


I have the PN challenge completed, which is quite extensive, and I need to get that run off and mailed.


I was going to go back to work on my Failure Modes and Effects Immune System damage matrix as well as my other congressional challenges on the other medical issues we know are associated to the level – “at least as likely as not.”


At this point I am leaning towards another wasted month of work trying to convince the commission and especially Commissioner Grady on some of the challenges Veterans have for the IOM and how the VACEH, NAS, and now the IOM has treated Veterans with their total bias, all be it professional bias or not, in denying our toxic chemical associations.


However, if I do this one more time then I want to copy as many IOM committee members as possible along with Commissioner Grady.


Therefore, I would ask that any of you that have IOM e-mail addresses or direct scientist E-mail listings to send them to me so I can copy them on the E-mail to the commission.


I will be copying Dr. Stellman as well as Dr. Birnbaum and members of congress on the Senate and House VAC’s.


I am leaning towards a posted page with links again as that makes it easier to “all call” and post when all I have to do is indicate a link is posted.  (Makes the e-mail much smaller for you also.)


I did hear some bad news and that is on the recent court rulings in favor of Blue Water Veterans the VA has told their folks do not approve those based on the court rulings as the VA is mounting a full court press legal challenge against the ruling and against those Veterans.


I had a “set to” with the head of the DAV here in Atlanta and of course, he promised to check into my file.  We shall see!


At one time I thought addressing the issues with logic, data, and the governments own rules would win the day.  I was wrong.

Until we either make our congress and especially the house address the issues of VA and White House injustice which they refuse to do then the other hope is get rid of all of them and get someone in office that will listen.


That is not likely to happen in either case so we seem to be tilting at windmills or as one 101st Veteran wrote I seem to be in the punishment role of “Sisyphus” in an uphill endless battle – which seems to be a total wasted effort and accomplishes nothing except expending energy.


Maybe we can roll over a few toes on the way up the hill?????


I was encouraged to hear that Commissioner Grady did not understand why it took over 60 years for the government/VA to look for those WW2 Veterans associated with Mustard Gas.


The answer is simple – VA BUDGET CONTROL


If the same thing holds true then in the year 2036 the government/VA will be looking for any of us still alive to say how sorry they are and they are going to compensate those that are left.  - VA BUDGET CONTROL


As one former Marine Khe Sanh Company Commander explained to me when I posed that hypothesis that it would not happen.  Not happen because our government did not like the way Vietnam Veterans spoke out and they would add an additional 20 years to the budget control punishment - just for spite.


So look for a government apology on or about the year 2056.


Best to all,