2003 Reunion


 Place and dates


Honeysuckle Inn and Conference Center

Branson, Missouri


April 24, 25, 26, and 27

Motel arrangements


Honeysuckle Inn and Conference Center

Web site = http://honeysuckleinn.com/


 $45.00 a night - plus tax

Phone number for reservations is:


*Be sure and tell them it is for the 2/94th Artillery Reunion

 I will verify they are indeed members or associate members from northern I corps artillery


*(No free rooms)

Registration fee


Registration fee is 10.00 in advance per battalion member


This is to help pay for the snacks in the conference room and miscellaneous items.  Plus help pay for the conference room on Thursday evening as some will be arriving on Thursday.


That can be sent to


Charles Kelley

2078 eastwood drive

snellville, Georgia 30078

dinner banquet the night of the 26th


Cost has gone up from $15.00 and change

to $16.22 per person in advance


That can be sent to


Charles Kelley

2078 eastwood drive

snellville, Georgia 30078

Glenda has volunteered again to track the money. I will post it on a page as to when I receive the money.  That way you can check make sure it got here.



Link for verification money has arrived


 Since this is a requested Reunion, ahead of schedule of the 2004 Northern I Corps Reunion.  I will not be setting up the group activity things as Will did. 


I think those that were there before know what you want to do. After arriving if you want to team up with some of the members and their family and go on some of the outings; there were plenty of brochures there for phone numbers, etc.  My only request is if you do, please invite those that are new to the reunion to join you.


If we do have any volunteers to collect money for any group activities; I will be glad to post that page on the site along with who has sent in what money to the volunteer for what event.  (I think normally you have to have at least 15 to get a discount; with reservations in advance.)


For those that want to review some of the activities available and possibly get phone numbers. Here are few web sites for Branson activities:












Link for Battalion Members List that intend on attending the Reunion



Any questions can be directed to me at




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