Agent Orange response to a 1st Cavalry Trooper’s concerned

nurse wife


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I am going to answer this in a way that I can use as a generic answer since this veteran has so many issues.  I receive about four e-mails a week like this and this will save me some time by referring to this and then only addressing specific issues in other e-mails.


First, let me preface a few issues:


·         There has never been a government Agent Orange Herbicide study.  Every one of them was reduced to a single component of the Agent Orange Herbicide and that being dioxin only.


·         The VA magazine that is put out called “Agent Orange Review” is also a falsehood.  “Dioxin Review” is correct.


·         When I say I found this in the Ranch Hand that means I found it in the transcripts themselves not the government-redacted report that it used to exonerate the government.


·         When I referenced this was found in the Aussie report.  That means that I found in a report of over 40,000 Aussies.  Not a study but a survey report of what they actually found compared to what they had expected.


·         The Korean study is the only study I have found so far that did not care what MOS or type of exposures.  They compared non-Vietnam veterans that would have been relatively “clean” from same form and types of toxin exposures to those Vietnam veterans that served in II Corps area and I Corps area.


·         The government studies have gone out of their way to “only study” those that were primarily exposed by skin contact alone.  In addition the study cohort comparative groups were not selected based on a relatively “toxin clean” group but those that were similar.  Despite the suggestions to select a “toxin clean group.”



·         Despite the governments instance that dioxin was the mostly wide used toxin; in fact, 2,4-D was the most widely used toxin.  Used both in Agent Orange and in Agent White.




I am the wife of a First Cav vet who was in a combat unit 1/12 Regt. in Vietnam in 1968.  I am very concerned about his health, as it seems to be rapidly deteriorating.  He remembers walking through some kind of white chalky powder in I Corp near the DMZ/Dong Ha. They did not change clothes for weeks and took baths in streams (infrequently) drinking out of them as well.


The area around Dong Ha all the way to Khe Sanh in the west on the Laotian border was a "toxin nightmare" of all three major herbicides.  Agents Orange, White, and Blue were all used in that DMZ area and below.  Agent White contained not only 2,4 - D and Picloram but also Hexachlorobenzene and Nitrosamine.   Hexachlorobenzene as it dried to a white residue powder became a form of Pentachlorphenol that is easily absorbed through the skin.


Some signs of Pentachlorphenol poisoning:


“Pentachlorphenol uncouples oxidative phosphorylation processes thus increasing the metabolic rate and causing hyperpyrexia.  Early signs and symptoms are:


Nausea, fatigue, unusual and excessive sweating, and thirst.  Insomnia, oliguria, and loss of body weight (dehydration) may occur in more protracted cases.  Anxiety and restlessness, increased rate and depth of respiration, palpitations, tachycardia, fever, and eventually convulsions and coma may occur in more severe cases.  Laboratory examination may reveal a rise in white blood cells and hypoglycemia.


Some, but not all of the harmful effects associated with exposure to pentachlorophenol are due to impurities present in commercial pentachlorophenol. 


Short exposures to large amounts of pentachlorophenol in the workplace, or through misuse of products that contain it can cause harmful effects on the liver, kidneys, blood, lungs, nervous system, immune system, and gastrointestinal tract.  If large enough amounts enter the body, heat is produced by the cells in the body, causing an increase in body temperature.  The body temperature can increase to dangerous levels, causing injury to various organs, tissues, and even death.  This effect is the result of exposure to pentachlorophenol itself and not the impurities.” 


Long-term exposure to low levels such as those that occur in the workplace can cause damage to the liver, kidneys, blood, and nervous system.  Studies in animals also suggest that the endocrine system and immune system can also be damaged from long-term exposure to low levels of pentachlorophenol.  All of these effects get worse as the level of exposure increases.


The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has determined that pentachlorophenol is possibly carcinogenic to humans, and the EPA has classified pentachlorophenol as a probable human carcinogen.


The immune systems were suppressed in family members, including children as young as 8 years old, who were exposed to pentachlorophenol while living in log homes.”


Some signs of Hexachlorobenzene poisoning:

Hexachlorobenzene can enter your body when you eat food contaminated with it, when you breathe particles of it in the air, or when it gets on your skin.  After it enters your body, it rapidly spreads through your blood to many tissues in the body, especially to fat.  This probably happens within a few hours.  Based on the results of a survey of this substance in people's tissues, it will remain in your body, especially in fat, for years.

 People in Turkey who, over a long time, ate grain that was accidentally contaminated with Hexachlorobenzene suffered from a liver disease called porphyria cutanea tarda.

 The main effect of porphyria is slowed or stopped formation of heme, the oxygen-carrying part of the hemoglobin molecule found in red blood cells and an important chemical in the body.  Porphyria is identified by elevation of heme precursors called porphyrins in the blood, urine, and stool.  This disease can cause red-colored urine, skin sores, change in skin color, arthritis, and problems of the liver, nervous system, and stomach. 

Studies using animals show that eating food laced Hexachlorobenzene for a long time can harm the liver, thyroid, and nervous systems.  The studies using animals also show that eating Hexachlorobenzene for months or years can damage bones, kidneys, and blood, and the immune, endocrine (hormone-releasing), and nervous systems. 

 Unborn children and young children may be more sensitive to these effects than adults.

Animal studies support the suggestion that young animals exposed to Hexachlorobenzene before and soon after birth are especially sensitive to Hexachlorobenzene.  Effects on the liver, nervous system, and immune function occurred at lower doses in the young developing animals than in adults.   

Animal studies also showed that Hexachlorobenzene has effects on various endocrine organs, including the thyroid gland (hypothyroidism), parathyroid gland (hyperparathyroidism), adrenal gland, and ovaries.  These tissues produce hormones that are important to normal growth and development of the organism.”

Some signs of Nitrosamine poisoning:

“Nitrosamines are another type of carcinogenic chemicals that are known to cause cancers and other medical problems. 

Exposure to high concentrations of nitrosamines is associated with increased mortality from cancers of the esophagus, oral cavity, and pharynx.  When used in pesticides or herbicides it may cause DNA damage and cell death.”

Some signs of Picloram poisoning:

 Picloram is carcinogenic.  The EPA suggests that it is most toxic in drinking water or in any moist environment.  The EPA states the following medical issues with this chemical from acute exposure:

Damage to central nervous system, weakness, diarrhea, and weight loss.


Chronic exposure to Picloram has the potential to cause the following health effects from long-term exposures;  Liver damage.


The Captain brought out milk to the field and told them to "drink up.”  Many of the guys who were with my husband remember that and the subsequent nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.  The next day, more milk came out to the field, and the troops were still so sick that they threw it away.  (I believe that milk was used as a crude first aide measure as an antidote to certain poisons).  Shortly after that, my husband developed severe headaches and daily nose bleeds.  He also remembers being sprayed many times.  In once picture of his at an LZ, striped barrels are lined up in the background.


Everyone must remember that the VA and our government does not recognize the fact that on all remote bases; spraying was an on-going detail.  No different than digging bunkers, filling sandbags, stringing wire, etc.  The difference is, these men who used hand sprayers and truck tankers were not made aware of the potential dangers of these toxins.  They certainly were not qualified to dispense such toxin weapons of mass destruction. These men were combat infantry or combat artillery or something else besides chemical corps MOS's. 


The most physically damaged men I know of that are still alive today where spraying Agent White on these remote bases.  They are now either approaching paraplegic or totally quadriplegic.


Milk is considered some form of coating universal antidote so if this is what happened then obviously the command structure knew their guys had gotten into something.  However, if these men were absorbing through the skin, then obviously milk would have zero affect as an antidote.


This same thing happened on hill 549 just outside of Khe Sanh were the Marines were totally incapacitated for two weeks and taken off the line.  Fever, diarrhea, and nausea were the primary symptoms.       


He stayed in Vietnam for over his tour (extended to get an early out).  Headaches and nose bleeds continued.  We attempted to have children--lost three and the two we had were born with some birth defects.  Our son has lost a set of twins and our only grandson was born with a birth defect.  Our daughter was told she should not get pregnant.


This is a common theme of most Vietnam Veterans having miscarriage after miscarriage.  Some who had normal children before they went after returning could not have children because of the miscarriages or stillborns.  The stillborns were full of tumors or missing organs, most with the classic signs of extra digits and webbing that indicates the dioxin connection.  When they did have children some had birth defects either physically, or mentally, or both.


13th chromosome damages: low birth weight, even when born full-term.  They have a small head, with a sloping forehead.  Usually, there are major structural problems with the brain, which are diagnosed shortly after birth.  Often, the front of the brain does not divide properly, resulting in a condition called holoprosencephaly.  This can cause changes in the development of the baby's face, where the eyes are close set, or the nose or nostrils are underdeveloped.  Cleft lip and cleft palate are present, eye problems are common, and the ears are low-set and unusual in shape.  Scalp abnormalities (cutis aplasia) that resemble ulcers.  They can also have birthmarks, which are purplish-red in color, that is made up of tiny blood vessels close to the skin (hemangiomas).  Many babies with extra fingers and toes (polydactyly), the feet may have prominent heels.  In 80 percent of the cases, there are other health problems present at birth.  These include heart defects, kidney problems, and/or an omphalocele (a condition in which some of the abdominal organs protrude through an opening in the abdominal muscles in the area of the umbilical cord).  In males, the testes fail to descend into the scrotum.  Females may have an abnormally shaped uterus, called a bicornuate uterus.

18th chromosome damages: spina bifida, eye problems, cleft lip and palate (in most cases), and hearing loss.  It is also common to see feeding problems, slow growth, seizures, high blood pressure, kidney problems, and scoliosis (curvature of the spine).  In males, the testes fail to descend into the scrotum.

Not all babies will have all the symptoms and have varying degrees of severity.  The bad things in this heredity issue; it states this issue can actually skip a generation.  Who knows what is in store for our children’s children?


In addition, I found a VA classified document that referenced another VA 1987 classified document that compared dioxin birth defects to the Thalidomide drug back in the 1950's.  That my friends was just a tad bit more than spina bifida.  Unfortunately, I cannot get my hands on the VA classified birth defects report.  How or why the VA has classified documents is quite obvious.   It is called protecting the presidents coffers.  They are also immune to the freedom of information act.  Imagine that; as they collaborate against the entire veterans' population.


Now recently the VA announced some coverage for the following maternal birth defects for women who served in Vietnam.  Now again compare these to the 13th and 18th chromosome damages which can be either maternal or paternal.  Then check the Aussie report in comparison which was not maternal side defects.  Then after you read the following check the posted exchange between Dr. Schwartz and Dr. Albanese from the 2000 oversight meeting.


Birth Defects in the Children of Vietnam Veterans

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), under one of two separate programs, provides monetary allowances, health care specific to the disability and vocational training, if reasonably feasible, to the biological children of Vietnam veterans born with certain birth defects. The child must have been conceived after the date on which the veteran first entered the Republic of Vietnam.


Spina Bifida

This benefit is applicable to the biological child of a Vietnam veteran (male or female) diagnosed with any form and manifestation of spina bifida, except spina bifida occulta. For the purposes of this benefit, a veteran parent of a child diagnosed with spina bifida must have served “in country” in Vietnam during the period beginning on January 9, 1962, and ending on May 7, 1975. Benefits are paid at three levels based on the level of severity.

Other Birth Defects

VA also provides benefits to the biological children of women Vietnam veterans diagnosed with certain birth defects, as identified by the Secretary of VA, associated with the mother’s service in Vietnam during the period beginning on February 28, 1961, and ending on May 7, 1975. Covered birth defects under this benefit do not include conditions due to familial disorders, birth-related injuries or fetal or neonatal infirmities with well-established causes. Benefits are paid at four levels depending on the child’s degree of permanent disability.

Covered birth defects include, but are not limited to, the following (however, if a birth defect is determined to be familial in a particular family, it will not be a covered birth defect):

Now how they can say that only women that served in Vietnam would have such birth defects and not men?  They can because the congress allows them to lie with the blessings of the president and the White House.




Now in 2000 before the award of these extra maternal birth defects and only being considered defects, Dr. Schwartz of Yale indicated:


“I would just like to say, as a way of informing everyone, that the VA did complete a study of the birth defects associated with women veterans.  Agent Orange was not in the--was not considered in that because of the presumption that if you served in Vietnam you would be eligible for this; and that the Secretary of Veterans Affairs found that the high rates of birth defects in women and the children of women who served in Vietnam was so high that he did make an announcement that they would be making efforts to compensate these women and their children.”


Agent Orange was not considered because they were presumed to be exposed??  Because the birth defects were so high.  Define high!  What are you guys chopped liver? No offense to the women veterans, but this is how disingenuous this whole damn issue is.


No dioxin tissue samples taken, no dose response per birth defect, no proof of exposure or type of exposure; just collect the data and presume that service in Vietnam had an effect and presumably the toxins had something to do with it.


That is how all of this should be done!!!!!!! Not just the women veterans. 


Now immediately after Dr. Schwartz testified Dr. Albanese spoke up.


“Congressman Shays, I think it's very important for me to say, based on what Dr. Schwartz

just said, I studied that report on the birth defects to female veterans.  The pattern in the

Ranch Handers is nearly identical to the pattern in that study.  However, because they didn't

meet the standard of a linear increase with dioxin, the fact of that difference hasn't been

 further pursued.  That's the tragedy of it.”


Yes it is a NATIONAL TRAGEDY and government cover-up!


Of course we know why the paternal side is not granted, even though according to this scientist who actually formed the Ranch Hand and set up the protocols  says it is nearly identical in disorders and numbers.


I still think that more than likely the 13th or 18th chromosome; or both is damaged and it makes no difference if it is maternal or paternal.


Notice the lying VA did not cover those that were lost.


Some second wives have told me the same thing happened with the first wife; so it was obviously a paternal defect.


Some who had children before they went the sperm counts were so low upon returning from Vietnam they could not have children.  Many others found that they could not have children.  Whether this is from the "decrease in the hormone testosterone" that has also been "confirmed with dioxin exposure" I do not know if biologically that does create a lack of sperm production, not smart enough.


Everyone must remember that dioxin is not a cell killer.  It is a cell modifier and can change any hormone or enzyme in any system; not just what the VA says.  The EPA has confirmed that no system is safe from the damages and biological changes of dioxin.  You can imagine the wide spread damages that can be done and the many variations in severity this fact can create.  To include changing your God given birthright genes.


As you have suggested many are being told not to have children.  For our government to only cover spina bifida is an absolute atrocity. 


Yes, there are things in nature that cause deformities and defects.  I guess in some ways it is natures way when a miscarriage happens.   But when a women has back to back trisomy 13 babies the odds of that happening is just astronomical.


From what I can tell there are only two chromosome damages that are considered inherently inherited. That being the 13th or 18th chromosome or both.  In fact it states that this inherited condition can even skip a generation.


From looking at what birth defects can occur from 13th and or 18th chromosome damages and then comparing what Veterans are experiencing everything is either in the 13th or 18th damages.  Including the one and only disorder the government will cover and that is spinda bifida.  While the government contends that is the most prevalent I would contend that it is not.  Included in these 13th and 18th chromosome damages are a wide variety of degrees of disorders which would also account for the variety of seriousness of our offspring.


You can imagine the flood gates that would be opened if the government came out and stated the reason for spina bifida damages is the 13th and/or 18th chromosome damages.  They then could no longer deny the inherited conditions that are being passed on.  I have read where it takes at least three generations to fail safe this damage.  Whether that includes the skipped generation discussed above I am unclear.


The miscarriages are obviously dioxin or toxin caused. The reason that was brought up in the first place was the federal forestry service was also having the same problem in 1969 and called a halt to the use of the herbicide yet our veterans continued to be sprayed.


The other issue that is being passed on is immune system damages as well as endocrine system damages.  The father may have no sign of any endocrine system issues in his background.  Endocrine system issues such as thyroid problems are about 50% inherited.  If both parents have an issue then the odds go slightly higher.


Many children have hormone and developmental issues - consisting of the whole gambit and spectrum of  endocrine and hormone disorders.  From ADD to bipolar disorders including attempted suicides.   The Aussie report of their offspring they had expected 75 and 231 was reported


Below is a list of what they found of those veterans that were still alive and those that would report from the Aussies.


Veterans' Children:



Spina bifida*



Anencephaly (brain development)**



Down's syndrome**



Tracheoesophageal fistula**



Cleft lip or palette**



Absent body parts**



Other abnormality**






Wilm's tumor (kidney tumors)**



Tumor nervous system**



Other cancers ***



Other illness death






Accident death



Psychiatric (diagnosed)



Anxiety disorders (diagnosed)




All of these also fall under either the 13th or 18th chromosome damages or some form of endocrine system hormone imbalance.


To bad we did not spend money on close examination of chromosome damages instead of paying 300 million dollars of taxpayer money so the government could modify them and cover all this up.


In the mid 80's my husband's hands and feet began to get numb.  He was misdiagnosed with various conditions. It was only after 2002, when he made contact with another veteran from the same platoon that he realized how many had this curious condition. 


I also dispute carpal tunnel, that is a catch all.


The Korean study found a p-value of 0.8573 for mononeuropathy between their Vietnam veterans and non-Vietnam veterans.  For peripheral neuropathy they found a p-value of 0.0042.  For peripheral neuropathy as it was associated to "only dioxin" they found a p-value of 0.039.


The odds ratio for diabetes which our own government has associated to dioxin they found an odds ration (OR) of 2.69.  For peripheral neuropathy they found an odds ration of 2.39.  Only .3 of point difference and our government still denies peripheral neuropathy as service related to Vietnam or any toxins found used in Vietnam.


To make it more ludicrous our own government Ranch Hand transcripts found the following:



October 14-15, 1999

Park lawn Building, Conference Room K

Rockville, Maryland




Chapter 11 - Neurology.  The reviewers of this chapter are Drs. Favata and Shockley; Dr. Michalek made the presentation.  In it, he summarized findings that appeared statistically significant.  He discussed an increase in inflammatory diseases, but said that result had little real statistical meaning.  He said the data showed a significant increase in the index of polyneuropathy when comparing moderate versus mild or none on all Ranch Handers and in the high category and against current dioxin.  Another run through the data showed it “correlated significantly” with dioxin.



Chapter 19 - Conclusions.  Dr. Michalek presented a slide listing findings throughout the report: a significant number of Ranch Handers with increased dioxin; continued relation between body fat and dioxin and serum lipids and dioxin; and increased liver enzymes; platelets increased consistently across study cycles, including this one; consistent relations with diabetes, and a new finding in cardiovascular on the ECGs, evidence of prior heart attack, and “a new finding in neurology of confirmed polyneuropathy.”




October 19-20, 2000

Hilton Palacio Del Rio

San Antonio, Texas



III. Study observations to date – Air Force Report (Dr. Joel Michalek)


How they can still get away with deny polyneuropathy as a stand alone, is beyond my comprehension and reasoning.


This is the most prevalent of all disorders found in Vietnam veterans whether they are diabetic in accordance with the ADA and VA definitions or not.  Which I will elaborate on later.


For those reading this link that are not familiar with statistics:


Statistical significance levels show you how likely a result is due to “chance alone.”  For example: at p= 0.05, the differences between the two groups, or even subgroups within the groups, have only a “5% probability” of occurring by chance alone.


At p = 0.05 the chance that the differences are strictly by coincidence or random occurrences are for all practical scientific purpose are now proven false mathematically.  To get the more “familiar positive association” you must subtract the p-value from the number 1.  Hence a p-value of 0.05 = a 95% valid association.  The smaller the p-value the greater the positive association.


Yes, neuropathy can be associated with diabetes but these studies now show categorical that neuropathy is also related to dioxin, and if not dioxin by itself, then service in Vietnam; for whatever the reason!


I must point out that in this study when comparing those with “diabetes and also neuropathy” the p-value was only 0.2157.  This does not even come close to proving mathematically that the two are related in this epidemiological study.  That would only be a mathematical probability of 78.4%.  In the mathematical and scientific world, this is not even being close to being  “statistically significant or relevant.”


The opposite is true of: association between non-Vietnam veterans and Vietnam veterans with Peripheral Neuropathy = p-value of 0.0042.


That means that a 99.58% positive statistical significant association was found even after adjusting for age, smoking, alcohol, body mass index, education, and marital status.


Much less the actual dioxin impact found at p = 0.039.


In addition many of my guys as well as myself developed this issue about the same time as this veteran.  Exactly like this veteran, many of us until our first reunion had no clue what this stuff was.  Only after we found out and went to a neurologist did we understand what was happening to us.  I also developed an autoimmune disease called Urticaria that the Koreans found a p value of 0.0614.  No does not meet the ridiculous 0.05 requirement the VA has invoked but certainly worth considering.  Especially, since there were zero in the comparison group that had this disease.


Out of order but this should be discussed next.


*His blood sugars have gone up and down (90-140 fasting), but his Hbg AICs are not showing any increase.  I have put him on a low cal diet and an exercise program.  Despite really cutting down his carbs and cal intake, he is still stacking on weight around the middle but his blood sugars have come down.  The VA says he does not have diabetes.  I have gone round and round with them, but they gave him 10% and then called it an error and took it away.  He is not rated for anything to do with chemical defoliant exposure.


From studying the Ranch Hand transcripts there seemed to be actually three issues regarding insulin associated with dioxin that they found; besides the normal ADA definition of diabetes.  Since all three involve insulin and not the non-production of insulin they would fall under the category of diabetes type II; not type I.


The scientists found a dioxin dose response to diabetes type II.  They found increased insulin production in those that were non-diabetic, and they found increased sensitivity to insulin.


Within the established diabetes type II they found a 40% testing anomaly in the A1C testing.   75 out of 200 Ranch Handers with confirmed diabetes type II did not test high at all in the A1C testing.


While the Air Force scientists and Ranch Hand scientists could not explain this testing anomaly and offered no theory as to why this was occurring.  Much less did not pass this on to the doctors of the world that possibly 40% of Vietnam veterans with diabetes type II would not test appropriately for A1C testing. And more than likely on a fasting test would not test diabetic, and that at 2 hours post meal would not meet the classic ADA 200 glucose test.


Dose this mean that 40% of Vietnam veterans and their doctors have no idea the veteran has a dioxin caused insulin or diabetic issue?  I would conclude that this is a good possibility.


I will pose some possible answers to this dioxin caused "insulin issues" which has been blanketed wrongly by the VA under the term diabetes Type II.


You must remember the job of the Ranch Hand study is to "exonerate the government;" not prove many dioxin issues.  As well as the government contracted NAS/IOM who replaced the totally biased VACEH which were mostly former chemical company scientists. 


“Charges of a White House cover-up have been substantiated by report, HR 101- 672, from the House Government Operations Committee.  That report, released August 9, 1990, charges that officials in the Reagan administration purposely "controlled and obstructed" a federal Agent Orange study in 1987 because it did not want to admit government liability in cases involving the toxic herbicides.”  (HR 101-672 “The Agent Orange cover-up: a case of flawed science and political manipulation.”) (35)


The White House Office of Bureau of the Budget had ordered all the agencies of government in essence not to find a correlation between Agent Orange and health affects stating that it would be most unfortunate for two reasons:


A)                The cost of supporting the Veterans and

B)                The court liability to which corporations would be exposed.(2)


The government cover-ups continue to this day.






We know from above the Koreans and the Ranch Hand study overwhelmingly found polyneuropathy damages.  Now does anyone think that autonomic nerves would not be involved?  I doubt it.  This autonomic nervous system provides control over things like breathing, heart rate, and digestive system timing.   To include the release of insulin in the digestive system process via the insulin/glucose ratio.


Normally there are two insulin dumps in the digestive cycle.  One the minute you start to eat and the other is timed to smooth out the glucose production.  We know from above that even non-diabetics were having too much insulin production and an increased sensitivity to insulin.


In my case after tired of fighting the most corrupt and vile federal agency ever formed I had my own independent lab tests run.  A more sensitive test called oral glucose tolerance test.


It was obvious after the test I had an insulin issue.  My test were:  base line = 86; after one hour = 256; after two hours = 189, and after three hours = 46.


Clearly I would never had met the VA standard after two hours of 200 but clearly it shows my insulin timing is way out of whack.   I am getting a dump just after eating and no second dump at all.  In fact in talking with a doctor he indicated that it seems the first dump is way too much and the second dump is non-existent.  This might also  explain why many diabetes type II veterans are having to go to insulin assisting diabetes type II.  On the other end they are approaching comma type issues in the low 40's just as I was.  Of course this might also explain why my A1C was fairly high in some tests but not high enough to satisfy the VA even without a red cell issue that I know of.


Some of my guys are on up to four shots a day along with oral medications.  One doctor told me that this was because it was not detected soon enough and the treatments were not aggressive enough.  If that is the case then once again the VA is responsible.  However, my conjecture would be that this form of development of diabetes that is caused by dioxin, a cell modifier, has never here-to-fore been seen in the medical community.  This is a once in generation issue and the morphology of how this is being caused is still to this day not understood.  Nor is the real impacts of other associated modified cells being considered.      


I also believe there is a dixon disorder that would produce immature red cells (not the right size or shape) without showing an increase in the actual count itself and has more to do with anemia.  The count would be OK but the cells themselves are immature and also would not show the proper glucose attachment.


In addition I had been tracking urination and the down side of the insulin issue I was going every two hours and felt like eating was just burning me up.  This is also characteristic of a diabetic issue that use to be called "brittle."


Shortly after eating I felt like my heart was going to pound out of my chest with pressure behind my eyes.  I felt like I had just ran a marathon and yet had done nothing.  This is also classic signs of diabetes type II.  Then hours after, I felt so fatigued and weak I could do nothing.  With the low glucose level of in the 40's that explains that also.


I highly recommend any veteran who is having these types of issues get an oral glucose tolerance test done at an independent lab.


Now have we had these issues all along that would normally test as Impaired Glucose Tolerate and because the VA lied we now have polyneuropathy, vascular issues, and kidney issues.   Let me explain this possibility.


About two years ago a group of doctors (University of Michigan) submitted a white paper on IGT and its more series complications than those that develop diabetes another way.   This discussed the fact that those the developed this form of IGT would become  diabetic IAW with the standards; had a much greater chance of severity in polyneuropathy (primarily painful sensory neuropath), kidney damages, and vascular issues.  This white paper was read and accepted by the ADA so I would have to assume the data they submitted was valid. They also recommended for those that present these issues be evaluated by the more sensitive oral glucose tolerance test. 


The ironic part, this white paper confirmed what the bumbling Ranch Hand study had found in vascular and nerve damage issues; and the very reason that the more sensitive tests are needed for earlier intervention.   The Ranch Hand found a 25% increase in mortality in the ground crew from heart and vascular related issues.  Not a disease, but a damn death rate increase of 25% more than what was expected and yet they never told anyone.  One theory put forth as to to why the Ranch Handers did not develop the expected cancers from AO was they were dying to soon from cardiovascular issues. 


Now there is a comforting thought for all Vietnam veterans that are left.  The government says do not worry about the cancers we told you about; you will not live long enough to get those, you are going to die from heart related or vascular toxin caused illness first.  Of course we still deny all implications that it is our fault.


Once again the ironic part is the discussion around the transcripts in the Ranch Hand was; gee we have all these vascular issues, unexplained weight gain issues, accelerated mortality, so lets just call it the X factor.  Now I am not even medically educated at all.  I am an engineer.  I would think that if there is an insulin/glucose issue in many forms; not just the standard ADA definition.   That would not insulin sensitive issues, insulin timing issues, and on and on.  Would that not equate to some form of chronic metabolism issue?  Then add in the thyroid hormone changes that were also found dioxin dose response related and covered up; would that not explain some of this??? 


As far as cardiovascular issues that were found in the Ranch Hand study and then just left closed.  You have not seen anything yet till you see what the Koreans found in ischemic heart disease and vascular issues.  Which I will discuss in a different section.


The IGT report you can read at:  http://www.findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m0922/is_12_52/ai_111145863


It is about five pages so be sure and read the whole article.


If this is true, then the VA should be awarding compensations for IGT and the related issues found in this white paper.  If you have IGT it is a just a matter of time before you reach the ADA standard and as you will read this form of long-term IGT you can see that the side effects are much more serious than other ways of developing diabetes. 


In fact one might consider that there may be two forms of developing insulin/diabetic conditions in Vietnam veterans.  One - the standard as defined liver damage that creates a problem. The other the damage to the autonomic nervous system in part as in CNS damage or a neurotoxin effect.


Remember the Gulf War veterans came home sick and dying with the same symptoms.  The government and its contracted agency the NAS/IOM then concluded it was combat stress.  Combat stress in a war that took hours not even weeks.  Yet it is coming to light now that independent studies show a relationship to neurotoxin exposures.  The answer from the VA - cancel the stress studies fund another four year study as more veterans die off uncompensated.   No different than nuclear, LSD, Project 112 and SHAD testing, and our own toxin legacy.


The same government contracted agency that disallows all our toxin damages was once again involved in pointing the wrong way and calling it a "stress response."  The NAS/IOM and the CDC are not a friend or allies of the veterans of this nation.  Government funding to themselves as agencies takes precedence over scientific truth and veterans justice.


The standard NAS/IOM answer is;  we know it causes that; we just do not know how to apply it to the Vietnam veterans. 


Now is this the only thing that can cause polyneuropathy in Vietnam veterans?  The answer is no.


There are autoimmune disease processes that take place as well as vitamin B6, B12, and A uptake issues that are associated with toxin exposures that can cause nerve damages.  Especially in the intestine areas were essential vitamins are taken in.  Either the liver no longer converts to them to usable substances or the uptake is such that it is no longer is efficient.


You will notice I said "autoimmune disease processes" and not named autoimmune diseases.  That is correct as I do not think they have categorized a toxin or dioxin caused autoimmune disease that may have some symptoms of both; such as Lupus and Fibromyalgia.  The morphology of these toxin caused autoimmune disorders are not in the doctors standard desk reference book or in the Merck Manual of diagnosis.


As I have told my doctors do not let your education and IQ get in the way of logic.  If it tests like an autoimmune process and has symptoms of autoimmune process then chances are it is an autoimmune process: presently defined medically or otherwise.   I won two bets with my civilian doctor on tests that I insisted be ran.  His response was; we will not find anything.  My response was let's wait and see.  I won two office visit charges.  Ironic I won the bet but actually lost; since they came back positive.


The EPA has categorically stated that autoimmune disorders and birth defects require a body threshold 100 times less than that of a cancer as it relates to dioxin.  If that is the case and we have cancers listed on our hit parade, then where are all the autoimmune disorders and the birth defects?  Common sense and logic would indicate that there should be more if nothing else but a Vietnam veterans toxin syndrome.  In fact one could conclude that the development of the cancers is a direct result of the developed and dioxin caused deranged autoimmune process.  For some of those that have not developed cancers it maybe the process, because of our built in generic difference, may have arrested the maturation of the cancer cells; leaving an autoimmune process in its stead for the moment.


You must remember that dioxin causes cell changes.  No cell or system is safe from the derangement of cells.  This can be in the form of curtailment of cells or the proliferation of cells.  The cell or cells become confused as to timing, what they are supposed to do, when they are supposed to do it, and where they are supposed to do it.  Simplistic but you get the idea.


Twenty years ago the EPA thought this derangement was a process of dioxin binding with the cell nucleus.  Now they state it is much more complex than they thought 20 years ago and dioxin is actually changing the entire DNA of the cell.  It is also corrupting hormones and enzymes which are so very critical to the normal operation of the body.   As these are, more or less, "system integrators" telling what organ to do what based on what conditions.  The brain does not have that much control in overall system integration but these hormones and enzymes do.


Besides not acting as they should when they are needed. These cells are no longer normal cells found in the body.  What happens?  Does the body now react to these cells as a foreign antigen no different than a bacteria or virus?


Many of the cancers on our list as well as those nasal/pharyngeal/esophageal cancers that we know should be associated to toxins already seemed to be in past history associated with an exposures to the Epstein-Barr virus.  At least in about 60% of the time from what I researched.


The questions should be:  Is the modified cell now acting like an exposure to the virus or antigen?  Or is the bodies response to the now modified cell creating a deranged antigen response?  Similar to a virus exposure.   I think it is the latter myself; it has to be one or the other. 


When I called the head of the NAS/IOM and posed that question the answer without any hesitation at all or pondering the question was:  There is no proof of that!


Now you must remember that deranged antibodies are notorious for attacking the myelin nerve sheath and the nerves themselves depending on what antibodies have gotten confused from what autoimmune process.


Autoimmune diseases are probably the most cruel of all diseases since the body created the problem.  Many autoimmune diseases require the same treatment as that of a cancer to try and eliminate the self-perpetuating problem.


My next question to the government would be.  If this is probable that dioxin cell changes are causing a response similar to a virus then is all this Hepatitis C actually the result of once again the body mimicking the response to a virus or exposure to the actual virus.  Similar to a hepatic condition called Autoimmune hepatitis or similar since this is the first time in the history of mankind that a segment of society had been exposed to so many different toxins, including Dapsone; at the same time, at unprecedented strengths of toxin formulas, and a dose rate of 6 to 25 times what was recommend. 


I will discuss hepatic conditions and liver enzymes later.  No doubt in my mind we have an ongoing inflammation response from chronic exposures.  No different than what use to be called lupus hepatitis.


CT of the chest shows lymphadenopathy and calcified nodules in the mediastinal nodes between the lungs. *Laryngeoscopy shows nodes on the vocal chords and a huge amount of mucous in the nose and throat. He is always hoarse and has been since Vietnam.


I am afraid I am not much help in this area except for the following:


Nasal/pharyngeal/esophageal cancers were on the VA report in 1991 as being associated to dioxin exposures.  They then classified the report and then stamped on it; "Not for release to the public!"


Dioxin is also associated with constant sinus and throat infections that will not stay clear for long as well as constant ear infections.  I am concerned with the mucous in the nose and throat.  If it is infection that is one thing; bad but one thing.  If it is constant aggressive cell lavaging then that is a real problem.  If it is then I would say what your husband and his guys got into was Agent Blue.  Course I have no idea if they can check for this or not or what test(s) to run.   Very concerned and wish I knew more!


*Psychometric measurement of IQ shows a drop of 30 points from 98 to 68. My husband has increasing difficulty in cognitive skills such as reading and judgment.


He has problems with long term memory (more than likely to do with PTSD), no problems with short term memory.


*CT of the head shows a significant chronic sinus condition and atrophy of the cerebellum and the cerebral cortex--doctors are evaluating for MS.


This is not that uncommon from dioxin exposure or Agent White (2,4 - D) exposures.   In 1984 the Ranch Hand draft indicated degenerating neurological diseases in Ranch Handers.  Unfortunately the White House revised the draft and this was never brought forward.  Instead the White House used the many things that were deleted including a 50% birth defects increase to say, "See no problems with dioxin."


Of course degenerating neurological issues can be associated with MS, ALS, and Parkinson' among the few of the most known disorders.


The Aussies found what they called Motor Neuron diseases.


The Korean AO study ties in to brain atrophy (closely associated with physical 
disability and clinical course in MS patients).  Brain atrophy was found at a p-value of 0.0165.
They also found brain infarction to a p-value of 0.0013. 
Including many diseases of the spine and spinal column which I discuss in the book were 
found at significant p-values.
The EPA found that cognitive skills were degraded and cognitive deficits did occur in dioxin exposures.
You must remember that dioxin as well as 2,4-D likes a lipid environment.  That is why it is associated 
to fat cells.  The most lipid environment in the body is the brain and spinal chord tissues.  If they are 
taking samples of body fat and finding residual dioxin is there any doubt once these two toxins cross
the blood barrier that the brain and/or spinal chord would not be a repository also?  Causing what is 
the question??????
The EPA has stated the brain is highly susceptible to dioxin storage.  2,4- D is also noted for CNS damages.
Now some veterans disagree with me on this issue of PTSD but that is because they believe this stress
issue that the government is pounding into everyone including as I indicated before, the 96 hour Gulf War.
Yes, there has been some PTSD.  But the question should be asked if we had no toxins would 
that be at 2% instead of 40%.  Would normal battle symptoms subside or have been regressed if no
neuropsychological damages were done by toxins?  Does this now amplify the problem?
Dow chemical itself stated neuropsychological problems exist with dioxin (TCDD).  
I found third world countries were there was no combat and the same symptoms were found 
after exposure to dioxins, including suicides.
Harvard medical did a blind study and found that neuropsychological problems did exist in those 
diagnosed with PTSD.
The VA's own study of Army Chemical Corps workers (noncombatants) showed a marked increase in 
neurological issues, brain cancers, and a marked increase in mental disorders like 22% of those that were
still alive and those they found.  
The Aussie report showed a 190% increase in mental disorders which means that even though not 
diagnosed with PTSD had more than one mental disorder per individual.  
If you look at the number of men served versus the suicides we are fast approaching 5.5%.  That is an 
incredible statistic and only our war can make that claim.
I found a Monsanto dioxin spill where they sent in 49 men to clean it up.  Within seven years 45 had 
raging cases of neuropathy and two had killed themselves.
So there is a connection between dioxin and psychological issues whether from brain damage or 
endocrine damages such as bipolar disorders. 
What I found for symptoms was:

Psychological disorders from toxins:   mood disorders, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, panic attacks, and PTSD. 


Complex PTSD :                                  mood disorders, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, panic attacks, aggression, and increased startle effects. 


These symptoms over lap so much with each other that the statistics become confusing and difficult to place in a fixed category.


If you look at it from the government side, PTSD is better than saying toxins caused it.  You have to be 100% permanent and final for PTSD for ten years prior to your dirt nap for your wife and kids to get anything from the government.


I have had Marine wives contact me that their husbands were 100% PTSD for a short time.  They quit fighting for the esophageal cancer the Marine died from once they were awarded the PTSD.   The minute the dirt nap began his wife was cut off totally.  Their question is what can they do?  The answer is nothing.  You cannot die from PTSD service connected until you are 100% permanent and final for at least ten years.


In other words this has become an insurance actuarial table game with the government and the VA.


*He has had on and off increased liver enzymes through the years, but his liver is ok now. He has never used alcohol, tobacco, or illicit drugs. Up until the past three years, he took little medicine. Some of these records have been lost or are irretrievable.

Increased liver enzymes were found with a dioxin dose response in the Ranch Hand transcripts.  They just passed it off.  On of the most influential organs in the body has a an issue to a dioxin dose response and they just pass it off because they do not understand it.

The EPA stated that fat cell infiltration into the liver causing biliary system problems is a dioxin response.

The Korean study found all kind of hepatic issues including heme production and mitogen response.

Porphyrinuria which seems to fall under the family of PCT.

Uroporphyrin = p-value of <0.0001

Coproporphyrin = p-value of 0.1628

Cell plating efficiency = <0.0077

Cell mitogen response = <0.0001

Anemia = p-value of 0.0571

One scientist on the Ranch Hand committee tried to present a stand on this increased liver enzyme issue.

The paper he had been given about "nonalcoholic steatohepatitis."  Which states that: it's an important differential diagnosis for asymptomatic patients with chronically elevated plasma liver enzyme levels, especially if obesity, diabetes, or hypolipidemia are present.  That people that are diagnosed with any combination of these issues and have increased liver enzymes then have a great chance to actually have very significant liver problems. That they then go on to develop cirrhosis.


Sound familiar to any veterans?


It would take four pages of listed issues that can cause increased liver enzymes yet this anomaly was found and then disregarded.


*He had skin cancer (not melanoma) removed from his face last year.

This is a hard one since any time you have sun exposures then this is a result.  I also had some skin cancer removed and need more removed.  I had the invasive kind of cancer on my lip and had to have it v-sliced to get all the cancer.  Now I use to have blonde hair and still have blue eyes so I am prone to this type of medical condition.  The Ranch Hand draft in 1984 reported skin cancers not associated with sun exposures.  Since the Ranch Hand report conveniently deleted that finding; I am not sure how it can be tied to dioxin exposures with the exception of:  Dioxin is also a tumor and/or cancer accelerator regardless if it (dioxin) cause the problem or not.

Not asked about but needs to be covered.  Already stated was the increased mortality from heart and vascular disease in the Ranch Hand study.

The Koreans found the following which substantiates the Ranch Hand findings.

Hypertension = p-value of 0.0143

Vasculopathy = p-value of 0.0002

Vascular Necrosis = p-value of 0.1270

Peripheral vasculopathy = p-value of 0.0628

Ischemic Heart Disease = p-value of 0.0045

Valvular Heart Disease = p-value of 0.0019

And there is much much more in this issue that points to government collaboration.

Admiral Elmo Zumwalt had stated, “Experience with other governmental agencies responsible for specifically analyzing and studying the effects of exposure to Agent Orange strongly hints at a discernible pattern, if not “outright governmental collaboration,” to deny compensation to Vietnam Veterans for disabilities associated with exposure to dioxin.”(42)


I found that to be the exact case from the White House on down.


I hope to have my book released by April or May of this year that describes all of this and what I found in four years of researching our "Vietnam toxin legacy."


The name of the book is:


"Weapons of Mass Destruction"


I refuse to be treated this way and refuse to have my brothers treated this way and it is past time the truth came out.


We did no wrong and to be treated this way by our own government is just despicable.



DMZ 67-68






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