We were right next door to the 2nd 94th.  Just south of their Headquarters across a small creek.


 We were a maintenance outfit.  We changed out motors and transmissions and such for you and the 3rd of the 5th.  I worked part time in the supply room and crewed on the 88, I visited Carroll , C2 (way out north of there in the DMZ), Cam Lo, the Rockpile and lots of other places that I do not know the names.  I  drove a supply truck to Phu Bai on a regular basis and also to Da Nang. I  went to Camp Eagle , Camp Evans,  FSB Barbara.


Thanks for feeding us from time to time!


  M88 Retriever


  FSB Barbara



  Bad Day for an M48


  Move It- help is on the way.


  The Big Ugly


  178th Doing its thing






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