10th Campaign


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During this time period the 2/94th took part in Sanctuary Counteroffensive

(05-01-70 to 06-30-70)


Description of Sanctuary Counteroffensive


This campaign was mainly concerned with the Allied incursion into Cambodia, code named Operation ROCK CRUSHER. As American withdrawal from South Vietnam proceeded, increasing concern arose over the enemy's strength in the sanctuaries inside Cambodia. With the emergence in Cambodia of an anti-communist government under Lon Nol, President Nixon relaxed the restrictions on moving against the bases inside Cambodia. Meanwhile, the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong began to move on the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh.


At this juncture, Lon Nol appealed to the United States for help. American and allied Vietnamese forces began large-scale offensives in Cambodia on 1 May. Eight major US Army and South Vietnamese operations took place in Cambodia in May and June with the object of cutting enemy communication lines, seizing the sanctuary areas, and capturing the shadowy Central Office for South Vietnam (COSVN), described as the control center for enemy military operations against III CTZ. (End of Description)


The Battalion MEDCAP program, which was begun late in April to provide assistance to a Catholic Dispensary in Cam Lo, was continued on a twice a week basis throughout May and June of 1970.  The number of patients treated on these MEDCAP's averaged from 5 to 15.


On 1 through 8 May 1970, Rocket and mortar attacks occurred frequently.  JJ Carroll, C1, and Dong Ha Combat Base all received incoming during this period.




During the month of May 1970, the following individuals were awarded the Army Commendation Medal.


Specialist Gerald Collins and Specialist Thomas D. Herr.


On 4 May 1970 at 1850 hours, B Battery at Carroll reported incoming.


 On 5 May 1970 at 1040 hours, B Battery at Carroll reported incoming rounds.


On 5 May 1970 at 1230 hours, Specialist Evans with A Battery, assigned duties as RTO, Liaison Section, at Mai Loc.


On 7 May 1970 at 1715 hours, B Battery at Carroll reported incoming. 


On 8 May 1970 at 1825 hours, B Battery at Carroll reported incoming rounds.


On 9 May 1970 at 1830 hours, B Battery at Carroll reported incoming rounds.


Account from Specialist John Hundahl (Montana) with Service Battery. During the period I was there, Carroll took incoming on a daily basis. One thing I will always remember is
unloading ammo at B battery, being amazed at the ease of how a full grown adult can fit between the rear dual tires of a 5-ton truck, and then realizing what that truck is loaded with! All accompanied with the orchestra of 122mm coming in! (End of Account)


On 12 May 1970, C Battery re-tubed two 8-inch howitzers with two 175mm tubes to become a composite 8-inch/175mm battery, then moved to C-2.


On 14 May 1970 at 1140 hours, C Battery #4 Gun, 8-inch tube replaced at C1.


On 14 May 1970, at 1500 hours, M107 from A Battery re-tubed at LZ Nancy.


On 17 May 1970, an NVA platoon was sighted outside the perimeter at JJ Carroll.  The platoon fired approximately 10-12 RPG rounds and 75-80 mortar rounds during the action.  Dusters and M79 fire dispersed the platoon and no serious damage was reported.


On 18 May 1970, the Battalion participated in a 24-hour cease-fire in honor of Buddha’s birthday, commencing at 1200 hours.


On 21 May 1970 at 1000 hours, B Battery at Carroll reported incoming rounds.  Reported negative damages or casualties.


On 23 May 1970, Battery A with two 8-inch and two 175mm guns moved from FSB Barbra to C-1.


On 23 May 1970, C Battery re-tubed again, two 175mm to 8-inch.  C Battery as four 8-inch moved to C-2.


On 22 May 1970 at 1005 hours, drivers are dispatched from Service Battery to LZ Nancy.  At 1100 hours, drivers arrived at Nancy.  At 1125 hours, began shuttling drivers to FSB Barbara by helicopter to drive vehicles.  One of the vehicles was a two and a half ton, which had a blown engine.  They got back to base at LZ Nancy at 1545 hours. 


On 23 May 1970 at 1545 hours, A Battery moved from FSB Barbara to C1 with two 8-inch howitzers and two 175mm guns.


Account from Jim O'Hara with A/2/94 during this operation to Barbara. During April or late May, we hit a land mine going back up to FSB Barbara.  The gun was totaled and one of our E5’s was severely wounded, possible KIA, (name unknown at this time).  He had only been in country a short while. (End of Account)


On 25 May 1970, Specialist Gary R. Moschak, Service Battery was involved in an accident in which he was seriously injured when his weapon discharged, wounding him.  He was transported to the 95th Surgical Hospital in Quang Tri, RVN.


On 25 May 1970, XXIV Corps Inspector General visited Service Battery and informed the 1st Sergeant as to what would be looked for during the next IO.


On 26 Mary 1970 at 1430 hours, a message from Battalion S3:  LNO, LZ Sharon, reported truck, utility, quarter ton, stolen between the hours of 1900, 25 May and 0700, 26 May.  Secure the US Army # and call MPs.  At 1445 hours, received USA #3M6689, A Battery bumper #A-6 from A Battery.  Company transmitted info to Battalion S3.  At 1600, reported stolen vehicle to MP Station Dong Ha. 




During the month of June 1970, the following individuals were awarded the following: 


Bronze Star


Sergeant First Class Percy L. Carithers III and Staff Sergeant Charles L. Collins Jr.


Army Commendation Medal


Specialist Carl H. Gaedke, Specialist Allen M. Mackiewizc, Specialist James A. Morris, Specialist Romero O. Soto, and Specialist Miseal Z. Morrio.


On 3 June 1970, a C Battery platoon displaced from C2 with two 8-inch howitzers to FSB Daytona.  The C Battery platoon supported an operation conducted by the 5th ARVN Regiment until 17 June 1970, at which time they left FSB Daytona. The two 8 inch howitzers displaced to C1 to provide additional fire support for an operation to be conducted by the 7th ARVN Cavalry.  This operation never took place and the howitzers returned to C2 on 20 June 1970.


On 3 June 1970 at 0925 hours, C Battery advance party married up with 5th of the 4th Arty (155mm SP) advance party.  At 1015 hours, advance party closed Mai Loc. At 1040 hours, C Battery main body departed C2.  At 1320 hours, C Battery closed forward position at Mai Loc.


On 3 June 1970, 1st Lieutenant Stewart S. Drange assigned as Battalion Ammunition Officer replacing 1st Lieutenant Samuel M. Tomich who departed for the states.


On 8 June 1970, the Battalion began its first week of classes at the 108th Artillery Group Firing Section Chief School.  The battalion operated the school for the entire 108th Artillery Group, and by the end of July 1970, 80 men were graduated from the course.


On 9 June 1970 at 1015 hours, an M110 departed from C2 for C Battery forward position south of Mai Loc.  At 12 ---, hours convoy closed Mai Loc.  At 1240 hours, the convoy departed Mai Loc for Denver.  1450 hours, convoy closed Denver.  Off-loading, will be ready to depart in approximately forty minutes.  At 1600 hours, convoy departed C Battery forward position Denver for Mai Loc.  At 1655 hours, convoy closed Mai Loc.  Enquiry by chronicler: Was there a FSB Denver? Was Denver the old Delta-5, or was Mai Loc the old Delta-5?


Account from a Service Battery member on that raid in answer to enquiry: Looking at the map you sent, my guess is that where the Mai Loc raid took place was probably Denver. However, no name was attached to the place then, that I can remember.


Just southwest of Carroll, there was a Special Forces camp outside of Mai Loc village. We trucked ammo to that spot and offloaded to M548's, except we did drive two 5-tons to the site; I was one of the ammo guys that went to the site.


It was an approximate 45- minute drive from the offload site (Mai Loc village) through Indian country to where the guns were to be located. I remember that raid more than others because of an incident that happened to me. While we were at Mai Loc, I got a care package from home. My thoughtful Dad packaged a bottle of Jack Daniels in the package. I removed my flak jacket and carefully wrapped the bottle in the flak jacket and placed it on the front seat of my 5-ton. Someone, in a hurry, threw a case of small arms ammo into the truck and there went my bottle! I did have a great smelling flak jacket for a couple of weeks! (End of Account)


On 15 June 1970, Specialist Carl H. Gaedke, Service Battery, was involved in an Automobile-pedestrian accident, injuring three Vietnamese nationals.


On 18 June 1970, B Battery hit with 122mm rockets.  One rocket caused severe damage to the mess hall and wounded  one man.  Wounded man was evacuated. (Note by chronicler): Name of wounded man is unknown at this time. Assume B Battery was still at Carroll. (End of note)


On 26 June 1970, Colonel Greer, XXIV Corps Artillery Executive Officer, inspected Service Battery.


Note by chronicler: Entries for 1 July to 6 July 1970 are missing.


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