Who is taking the Biltmore Bus trip

( 49 people so far bus seats 52)


Ray and Shirley Albright

Alan Brister

Austin and Faye Buckner

Bob and Vicki Chelberg

Ron and Germaine Dixon

Johnny and Shelby Ferrell

Gerald and Eula Forsythe

Gerald Gress

Floyd and Connie Grogan

Hobo and Jeannie Hobbs

Randy Hollifield and ?

Bob and Cathy Janda

John Kane

Skip Knowles

Bob and Celeste Mahmood

Tom McKay and guest

Bill and Cheryl Niles

Don Pullen and ?

Roger Schulze

Tom and Sharon Sharratt

Art Sutter and Margaret Gettel

Diana Taylor and 2

Lee and Nancy Walker

Robert and Sheila White

Joe Whitt and +4