Hello fellow brothers of the 2nd. 94th.,


My name is  Randy Hollifield member of "B" Battery 1967-1968.


I am directing this letter primarily to those who have not had the opportunity or have chosen not to attend the reunions we have each year.


I myself for several years chose not to attend reunions. I used the usual excuses, there won't be anybody there I know, It's to far from home, it will cost too much, I don't have the time and the list goes on and on.


Well, I decided to attend the 2009 reunion in Branson, Missouri. The hard part was signing and making the commitment to attend. Once I made that commitment the rest was was easy. I started looking up fellow brothers I served with and encouraged them to attend. As time got closer for the Big Reunion Day I went from apprehensive to nervous, to excited.


When the big day finally arrived and I got to Branson I renewed my friendship with old friends. My trip to Branson was one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. The three day reunion just flew by and I thoroughly enjoyed each day.


As my wife and I were driving back to North Carolina after the reunion all I talked about was how enjoyable and rewarding the reunion was. It was while returning home that we decided we should do something in our home town to honor all Vietnam Vets. We decided to form a committee to bring a Traveling Replica of "The Wall" to our home town.


In order to generate support for the endeavor I decided to author an article for my hometown newspaper about attending the reunion and my year in Vietnam.


Attached is  the article, but before getting to that I need to let everyone know the 2011 Reunion will be in Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada! The date will be October 6 - 8 and we will be staying at the Riviera Casino locate on the Las Vegas Strip.

The important thing is for everyone that is sitting on the fence to make the personal commitment to attend. Now, start calling old friends to attend with you. Our goal is to have 200 at the reunion in 2011. The 2010 reunion was in Nashville, TN. We had approximately 75 attending. It was another great experience filled with catching up with buddies from Vietnam and forming friendship with others attending. Let's try to double our numbers  in 2011 and start rekindling old friendships that have never really died.

Randy Hollifield